Monday, March 18, 2013

Rockport Visiting

Once we got past the shoe-horn fit in our site, spent way too many hours fiddling with our little portable satellite dish, and got the Castle reasonably clean and organized, we were ready to get to the visiting.

This is our site, and yes, those trees are every bit as close as they look!  In fact, there is a branch just a few inches from the window behind Jim's chair. Yesterday, a confused squirrel evidently saw another squirrel sitting on a branch right in front of him and tried to jump over to join that squirrel on the other branch.  Trouble was, it was his own reflection, and he jumped right into the window.  Scared the squirrel - and Jim!

Our Amarillo friends, Vickie and Don, are still here, but will be heading back home Wednesday morning.  We've been spending quite a bit of time with them while they're here.  Yesterday we rode the ferry over to Port Aransas and met them for lunch and a little shopping.

When we got back home, Janna called and said Michael was awake and they were out for a ride.  They stopped by for a short visit, not nearly long enough, but we did make plans for them to come over for a dinner soon.  For my readers who don't follow their blog, Michael is working on an oil drilling rig construction project in Ingleside.  Janna is spending a lot of time working in her quilting studio which is set up behind their motorhome over at the Palms RV Resort.

Today was our day to get caught up with laundry, grocery shopping and more house cleaning.  I got in an hour or so of line dance practice as well.

There are other friends here at The Drifters, Pat and John from Colorado Springs.  Jim and I both worked with Pat at Colo. Spgs. Utilities and we all retired around the same time.  Now she and her husband John are full-timing and have spent the winter here.  We've visited with them briefly since we've been here;  I know we'll be getting together again before we leave.  I did stop and visit a couple of times today as I was walking the dogs.

This evening, we went back over to ICW RV Park to a shrimp boil hosted by Roy and Judy.

That's Roy standing, their friend, Tom in the blue hat, and Jim with his back to us:

Roy and Tom might have been watching the shrimp boats heading out for the night:

While we were waiting for this feast to be ready,

I wandered around and found some interesting things to photograph:

Judy and Vickie enjoying the conversation:

Buster was getting tired:

And the sun wast about to set:

So we said our good-nights and came home to rest up for another day of fun and visiting tomorrow.


Unknown said...

How fun!!! I SO wish I could have been there with you guys! LOVE all the pictures!!! Enjoy your time. Love you guys!!!

Peggy n David said...

Love the Rockport area - we were there about a month ago, enjoying the sights!

Great pictures!

Where you headed next?

Phyllis said...

HI there Ellie and Jim. Long time since I've dropped in to see where are you. Surprise! We are almost neighbors as we are in Texas too! After all how far away could we be if both in the same state. LOL.

Actually we are up in Hunstville, TX doing some gate guarding for a couple of months. Planning on that Alaska trip next year and don't want to hit savings or investments. So - making money while saving money. No campground fees, no sightseeing expenses, NO GOING OUT TO EAT, no diesel being used.

Do hope you are both well and nice to hear still enjoying the life!

Linda said...

What a great time. Lovely pictures.