Monday, October 29, 2007

Lazy Sunday and Visiting Fredericksburg, Texas

Yesterday was Sunday. That is the day we usually rest and watch football. For Jim's birthday I got him the DirecTV NFL Sunday Package. He used to work shifts, which included nights, weekends and holidays. He always said one of the things he looked forward to the most about retiring was being able to watch football every weekend. I like the Broncos and he likes the Cowboys, but neither of them played yesterday. Oh well, he watched anyway. He can flip around to any game that is not being broadcast on a major network. We have the DirecTV moble service, which means we have New York and Los Angeles network feeds.

I walked the dogs a few times, baked a batch of reduced fat brownies and cooked a meal. I also visited with a friend back in Colorado on the phone, that is, I tried to. Even though our phones show we have good reception here, our calls keep dropping. Very frustrating.

We did take a drive, but it was late in the afternoon and we didn't get any good photo opportunities. In the evening I visited the RV-Dreams Chat Room while I watched some TV.

This morning we headed off to Fredericksburg. We walked the main street and looked in a few shops. Here's a picture of me, taking a little break from our walking.

One of the things we wanted to experience in Fredericksburg was a nice German meal. We came across this restaurant, Der Lindenbaum, where we stopped for lunch. The food was quite good, even though it was a little expensive.

Here's Jim, after enjoying his Schnitzel. Notice that satisfied look on his face, he enjoyed his meal!

After our lunch, we walked around a little more, and came to the Market Square, in the center of town.

This pole stands in the center of the square. I didn't see any information about it but thought it was worth a picture.

This paddle wheel is in the Memorial Gardens section of the Square, where flowers are still blooming and the roses smelled so sweet!

This interesting, 8-sided, building is a replica of the first public building in Fredericksburg. It served as a meeting hall, church and school, as well as a safe house during storms.

Tomorrow, the plan is to head to San Antonio for a taste of "Big City" life. At least, that's the plan. We'll see, sometimes plans are made to be changed.

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Rosalie said...

Ellie and Jim,
Your blog is just fabulous. I love knowing all the details and seeing pictures of you -- you both look great!! I want my picture on a blog, so we will have to hook up soon and take some pictures of our fun times together! I'll be in touch via phone too -- Love, Rosalie (friend from Ellie and Jim's Colorado Springs days)