Friday, June 19, 2009

Black Hills Living

And a fine life it is! Yesterday we made a city run - about an hour's drive to Rapid City. Before we left the campground, we stopped to see if Geri needed anything from Walmart. Yes, she did, so it was a good thing we offered to pick up a few things.

There is no Weight Watchers meeting in Custer, so I decided that if I was going to travel to a meeting, it might as well be to the city, and that was the main purpose of our trip. We arrived in town and began looking for the meeting location, which turned out to be a little more difficult than we anticipated. Finally, we stopped at a hospital nearby, and I went in to ask directions. The receptionist knew exactly where the meeting was, so that problem was solved quickly. We then drove across town to locate the Walmart, and back towards the meeting. Then it started raining - really hard. At one point, we pulled over under an underpass because Jim couldn't see the road at all. Finally, the rain let up a little bit and he dropped me off at the meeting and went to do the Walmart shopping.

After the meeting we stopped for lunch and a little shopping, then got back to the campground late afternoon. We spent the evening relaxing.

This morning, we were up early, because I was going with Pat and Mike McFall on a hike and some geocaching, while Jim was going to do the laundry. I was at the McFall's place a little before 8. It was a beautiful morning, and the hike was fun and not too challenging. We found 2 geocaches before calling it a day. At the second geocache location, we met a couple from Iowa out doing some geocaching too, and they told us about a woman they met at another geocache who has something like 16,o00 finds. Well, some people just need to get a life! I can't imagine being so engrossed in this hobby, but to each her own!

A drive into Custer State Park occupied a couple of hours this afternoon. Buffalo and deer were around, and of course, we got some pictures to share.

The big event for the evening was a chuck wagon supper at the campground. Steak, beans, and potatoes, finished off with a peach cobbler. The people who do the cooking are a young family, husband and wife with two very young children. They bring everything with them, from the chuck wagon to the fire ring. Food was delicious, and the company was great! Pat and Mike came over, and we also met several other couples who are staying here.

The chuck wagon is all stocked, and the fire is going:

Pot of beans on the left, steaks on the grill, peach cobbler on the ground with coals on the pot lid, and a pot of potatoes, about ready to serve:

Jim got Larry and Geri, campground owners, to stop their busy work for just a minute. They really work hard every day to make sure all their guests are happy:
Wow, did I say how much we're enjoying this?


Larry and Lee Ann said...

Ok, you guys are making us homesick! Can't wait to get there, should be in less than 2 weeks. Sure would have loved to have been there for your chuckwagon dinner! Looks like you had a great time. Save some of that hiking and geocaching for us! Lee Ann

Tumbleweed Dee said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! We had one of those chuck wagon meals in Yellowstone. I'm jealous!

Phyllis said...

And those Burros in Custer State Park. I have pics of me hugging one of them. Can't wait to get back out that way.

We will surely try one of those Chuckwagon meals next time.