Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good Health News and Campground Explorations

Once again we woke up to cold, drizzly, and windy weather. The furnace was turned on several times this morning, until it finally warmed up to the low 60's by late afternoon. Jim had an appointment for a complete physical today, so he was up and out of here by 8. He called me after he was finished to give me the good news that he's doing fine, with all systems in good shape. The doctor was happy that he's lost 25 pounds, and suggested he keep on with that effort.

Our car's windshield recently developed a crack, getting that replaced was next on Jim's list. Once that was taken care of, he came home to get me and we went exploring.

We'd heard about 2 new RV parks in the Colorado Springs area which we wanted to investigate for future stays. The first one is a privately owned park near the center of town at 8th Street and Highway 24, called Foot of the Rockies RV Resort. It's built on a hill, which means a lot of terracing.

This is the view from the top level of sites, looking towards downtown:

Looking down from the top level to another loop:

And, looking up towards the top:

The park has only been open a few months. We spent some time with the manager, getting information on future plans and current issues. The major issue they are facing right now is a lot of mud from all the rain that's been falling over the past few weeks. They have some work to do as far as compacting and getting the sites ready for occupancy. However, it does look like it has some definite potential. Their aim is to be the park of choice for big rigs in this area. It's very convenient to I-25, and many of the local attractions.

The next park we looked at is a new state park, Cheyenne Mountain State Park. It's located directly across from the main gate of Fort Carson on Highway 115. It is a beautiful location, right at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain.

The sites are full hookup, and many are large enough for big rigs:

It's very green now, but I know without all the rain it can be dry and brown:

The clouds were providing some interesting photo opportunities of the mountain today:

The major drawback of this park is that there is a limit of 12 nights' stay within 45 days. But, it is well developed with paved roads and gravel trails. There are also meeting facilities and several picnic areas available.
It looks like we may have new options for our next visit, which is good news!
This evening we got together for dinner with a good friend, Cathy, whom we've known for many years. Cathy moved to California quite a few years ago, but was in town visiting some of her relatives who still live here, so it was a great opportunity to get together. We went to an old favorite of ours, Jose Muldoon's, downtown on Tejon St.

If you look closely, you'll see me in the lower right corner, with Cathy just behind me:

Jim took this picture just for Dortha - in May of 1999, Jose Muldoon's earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records for making the world's largest Margarita - 4,756.5 gallons!

What a busy and productive day!


Lee Ann and Larry said...

Hi guys, Just a quick note to see if you plan to visit the Garden of the Gods while in the Colorado Springs area? It was certainly a highlight for us and even though we've been there before we would certainly go again. Glad to hear Jim's dr's appointment was good news. Please keep up the great posts. We really enjoying hearing about your adventures. Travel safe! Hugs...

Donna McNicol said...

If you don't mind being out of town a little ways, we fell in love with Mountaindale Campground,

They offer weekly rates and are also Passport America. They have decent wi-fi which was good since we needed it for phones and Internet. But on my, the quiet setting is well worth it!

Wish we could have hooked up while there...just too busy with family & getting my MH sold. Miss you guys and want you to meet Stu!