Sunday, June 7, 2009

Is It Time?

Most fulltimers know the symptoms. A feeling of restlessness. Anticipation. We look around the campground, noting how familiar each row is. The workampers all know us, and we recognize the other long-term campers. Is it time to go? Well...almost! We're heading into our last week in Colorado Springs. We've had the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family, to catch up with the health maintenance tasks that are so important to us. We've relaxed some, worked some, explored a little, and enjoyed a lot. The official term for our condition is known as hitch-itch, and we've come down with a case of it. There is no permanent cure, but we can ease the symptoms by cranking the Castle's engine and heading whichever direction we want to. Patience, patience...

In the meantime, we've continued to do the things we do.

Friday, Robin and Jacob came for lunch. We promised her a grilled shrimp meal, so this was the perfect opportunity, since Josh doesn't eat shrimp. We pulled out the last two pounds of large gulf shrimp which we'd carefully frozen when we bought it fresh in Rockport. Jim fired up his new favorite grill and I put together salad, potatoes and squash. Jacob got his favorite - a cheeseburger, since he's not a big fish eater either. We sure enjoyed that meal! Robin and Jacob visited for a while after lunch, but had chores they needed to get done.

Dinner was at Ann and Bob's, where we had more grilled shrimp and grilled scallops. We played cards, our regular games of cribbage, canasta and spades. The most noteworthy moment in the card event was the last hand of spades. I'm not a very good player - most often I'm the one with the lowest score. I'd had my usual hands through the whole game. But on the last hand, Bob got a monster hand and bid six or seven tricks. I had no spades at all and bid zero. That always throws everyone off, since the object then becomes to "set" the player who has bid zero. Well, I managed to pull it off and got 100 points, winning the game.

Saturday morning after the Weight Watchers meeting, Jim and I had breakfast with friends Gary, and Deb and Al. We all worked together and try to get together when we're back in town.

Then in the afternoon, we gathered up steaks, salads, veggies and cheesecake and headed off to Josh's house. Jim had the opportunity to use his old grill that he gave to Josh when we sold our house.

This is Josh's house:
Here it is - the old Weber!:

Our sweet grand-dog, Tayla, who is Josh's:

Robin looked on while Josh and I played guitar hero and Manda (Josh's friend) read a book:

Jim and Josh shared kitchen duties:

Manda's son, P.J. and Jacob played a round of guitar hero:

We had a grand time eating and playing and visiting. But finally, it got to be time to come home and rest up.

Today, more adventure waits.


Mike McFall said...

Yep, the Hills are beckoning and the Broken Arrow campground needs you. Plus, there is a lot to see up here, as you know...

See ya soon...

Ps. Nice family....Enjoy!

Mark and Dortha said...

Good pictures...I know the kids and other family and friends have enjoyed you being there. I am so glad you have had to opportunity to spend some time there.

Hugs to you both.