Thursday, June 4, 2009

Recipe and Responses

First, thank you for the congratulatory comments on my weight loss. With both of us losing weight, gee, whatever will we use to replace that weight in the motor home? Actually, maybe we'll see some improvement in our fuel efficiency, ya think?

One commenter asked about our oven - we just have the convection/microwave and not a propane oven. In our previous motor home, we did have a propane oven, but we used it primarily for storage. That led to our decision to not have one installed in the Castle.

Salsa, yes we should still have some left when we get to Custer, and Montana. As far as a home-based business, well, that sounds pretty close to a job!

The RV-Dreams Rally, unfortunately, we will most likely not be attending this time, as we plan to be on the West Coast until after Christmas this year. But, you know us, plans made in jello, so we'll see.

Visiting the Garden of the Gods, we haven't been over there this visit, but since we lived here forever, we've been through there many, many times. In fact, when I first learned how to drive, my dad would take me over there early in the morning and turn me loose - yes, it was a standard transmission I was learning in!

The lemon-angel food cake recipe:
1 box Angel Food cake mix
1 4-serving package lemon flavored jello (sugar-free)
1/2 cup boiling water
1 6 oz container lemon-flavored yogurt (I used a lemon cream pie low-calorie option)
1 8 oz container Cool Whip Free
lemon zest
Prepare cake according to package directions. When the cake has cooled, remove from pan (I used a 10" tube), and slice horizontally twice to make 3 layers.
Dissolve jello in boiling water. Whisk in yogurt until smooth. Chill for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes until syrupy.
Add the lemon mixture to Cool Whip and blend gently. When I made this, I chilled this mixture for several hours before moving on to the final step, but I don't think it's required.
Spread the lemon mixture on the first layer of the cake, add the next layer and repeat. Finish with the top of the cake and garnish with lemon zest.

We enjoy getting comments on our journal, and will try to respond as we can. If you would like us to contact you personally, just send in a "comment" and include your e-mail address. It won't be published, and we can get back to you.
Today, Jim went to Pueblo with John, and they helped Steve with some fence repairs. I took the opportunity to do all of the laundry myself, and even stopped at the store to buy some groceries. We just hung around this afternoon, and had a quiet dinner at home for a change.
Tomorrow, well, that could be a different story.


JB said...

You're just a young'un I learned to drive with a buggy whip and lines.

Speedy said...

MY MY MY I am soooo far behind on all these journals. I am just too busy to read...not really I have just been having too much fun. Sherri is sick today with a sinus cold. I have been tending to her every need all day...she is supporting me now so I have to treat her good.