Sunday, August 9, 2009

Going to the Sun – and Back Again

The four of us agreed yesterday to get up early this morning and continue our journey across the Going to the Sun road.  The plan was to leave the rv park around 8:00, drive over to St. Mary, which is the little town on the east side of Glacier National Park, and have a lunch there before coming back.

Sunshine was elusive this morning, after a rainy night.  It was cool and cloudy when we left just after 8.   We made few stops, but Jim was anxious to try out the new camera, so Mark did stop at Lake McDonald for this cloudy look:

Glacier_Aug_09_Jim 001

We might have been going to the sun, but you couldn’t tell from this view!  It was more like Going to the Clouds!Glacier_Aug_09_Jim 006

Once we got past the summit of Logan Pass, we got below the clouds again:

Glacier_Aug_09_Ellie 014 Yet another roadside waterfall:Glacier_Aug_09_Jim 012 By the time we came by St. Mary Lake, we were seeing some blue sky and sun:

Glacier_Aug_09_Ellie 018

Before finding a place to have lunch, we took a side trip to Many Glacier.  We’ve noticed that the glaciers are not really very impressive.  Everywhere we go, we see articles and exhibits explaining that the glaciers are disappearing as a result of global warming.  This is an excellent area for scientists to study the various impacts caused by the change of climate.

Our annual parks pass is getting quite a workout while we wait for Mark to turn 62 and get his pass soon:

Glacier_Aug_09_Ellie 031

Time for lunch.  Our choice today was Johnson’s Family Style Restaurant in St. Mary:

Glacier_Aug_09_Ellie 034It turned out to be a good choice – Dortha and I both had a grilled veggie sandwhich on homemade bread with homemade soup – yum!

After lunch, we reversed our route and started back across the Going to the Sun  road.  The sun was making an appearance by this time, but we are noticing a definite haze in the air, due to fires further west.

Still, we managed to get a few good pictures:

Glacier_Aug_09_Jim 021 All day we had been keeping our eyes open for wildlife.  Finally, just past the summit of Logan Pass, we came across this mom and baby:

Glacier_Aug_09_Jim 048

The wildflowers are incredibly beautiful up high on Logan Pass, but with the traffic and construction, not to mention clouds, it’s difficult to capture their intense color in a picture:

Glacier_Aug_09_Ellie 038

Before leaving the park, we stopped at Apgar Village for a look around.  One more picture:

Glacier_Aug_09_Jim 059 Then it was time to come home and settle in for the evening.  What a fun day!


Tumbleweed Dee said...

Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for taking us with you. Have fun and enjoy the scenery.

Fred Wishnie said...

Great cloud picture! What's your new camera?

squawmama said...

Good Morning... Ran across your blog this morning and enjoyed it so much. GREAT pictures! We visited Glacier last year for a month and loved it!!! We have been full timers for 5+ years now and lovin it! I am adding you to my favorites and hope you'll come on over to visit us...

Have Fun & Safe Travels
Donna & Ralph