Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Trip to the City

After a day of work yesterday, today was a day for playing.  We studied the ferry schedules and researched the places we wanted to experience in Seattle.  With the alarm set for “dark-thirty” we got up and headed out to make the 9:35 ferry to Seattle from Bainbridge Island, about an hour’s drive from here.

Mark parked the Jeep at the ferry terminal and we boarded for the 30 minute crossing.  Our first stop was a place on my wish list – breakfast of coffee and donuts at Lola, a restaurant that was featured on an episode of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”. on the Food Channel.   The donuts are made to order, they come out in a paper bag, warm and fresh.  They’re little square pastries, rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with jam and vanilla mascarpone.  Ok, so that craving was satisfied, then it was time to head for the famous Pike Place Market!

Ellie, Olympus 054 Dortha and I took our time looking for treasures along the way:

Jim 030 And found a lot of fresh veggies:

Jim 040 

Jim 032

There were people wall-to-wall!

Jim 038 Looking at all the food and navigating through the crowds gave us all an appetite, so we found some chowder for lunch:

Ellie, Olympus 068Mark wanted to try a local favorite, Tully’s coffee, so after lunch and a little more looking around Pike Market, we found our way to the coffee shop where we each got a pound of  Tully’s coffee beans.  Dortha and I had spotted a cosmetics store that carries the brand of make-up that we both use, so we then made our way there and got stocked up on the items we each needed.

Gee, one more place we remembered from the Food Channel – a chocolate store, Fran’s.  We used a lot of restraint there and only got a couple of pieces of chocolate to taste.

Finally, it was time to head back to the dock to catch our ferry back across Puget Sound:

Jim 057 Another fun day in the beautiful Northwest!


Anonymous said...

Two things...

There is a restaurant about ten miles from here that serves Tully's coffee!!!

Secondly...the show about the doughnuts...Food Network was just on!!!

Fred Wishnie said...

Isn't Pikes Market wonderful? Your pictures make me want to visit again soon.
Fred & Jo

squawmama said...

Good Morning... I am still wishing I was with you... LOVE all you’re doing & seeing... We try to eat at the places featured in the 3 D's & Best thing I ever ate too... It is fun! However neither show ever visited Arkansas... ☺☺☺ Have Fun!

Travel Safe