Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time With Family

Time has flown by, and by the time this is posted, our trip to Idaho Falls will be stored in the memory banks. 

My sister, Ann and a bunch of her family arrived in their motor home on Tuesday afternoon.  The “bunch” consisted of her husband, Bob, their son, Rick, his wife. Marilia, and her parents who are visiting from Brazil.  Oh, yes, and Rick and Marilia’s dog, Busto.  Ann’s oldest son, Bill, and his wife, Rhonda, live in Idaho Falls.  Bill is a fire-fighter/paramedic for the City of Idaho Falls, and Rhonda is retired after owning a local pottery shop.  The motor home group is staying in the driveway at Bill and Rhonda’s house while they visit.

Tuesday afternoon, Dortha, Mark, Jim and I found our way to Bill’s for a family gathering. Rhonda was showing Jim their new-t0-them house:

Idaho Falls Aug 09 Ellie 002

Rick and Busto in the front yard:

Idaho Falls Aug 09 Ellie 004 

In the backyard, Bill and Rick showed off their power:

Idaho Falls Aug 09 Ellie 023

Marilia and her dad:

Idaho Falls Aug 09 Ellie 006

We had a great visit, getting caught up on the latest news and enjoying the Idaho evening, even with the sudden wind and threat of a storm that sent us scurrying to clean up the tables and get the food inside.

On Wednesday, Bob brought Ann, Marilia and her parents over to our rv park so they could see our motor home.  Marilia’s parents had not seen the Castle before. Then Ann, Dortha and I left to attend a local Weight Watcher’s meeting and do a little shopping afterwards.  Wednesday evening was a repeat, dinner at Bill and Rhonda’s.

All too soon, it was time to say good-bye for this trip.  Ann and Bob will be staying a few more days at Bill’s, but we were ready to move on to the next phase of our adventures.

So, this morning, we loaded up and headed up Interstate 15 towards Montana.

Aug_09 Ellie 006

We didn’t have a reservation for tonight, since we weren’t sure where we might end up.  The decision finally came down to a “maybe” spot in an rv park, or a free parking space at the Polson Walmart, so here we are at the free Walmart parking lot. 

As we rounded a curve on Highway 93,  there was Polson and the south shore of Flathead Lake:

Aug_09 Ellie 010 We arrived  around 4 p.m. and got parked.  Then we walked a few blocks to a local golf course grill and enjoyed  a really good meal there.  We have a short travel day tomorrow to Coram, just a few miles outside the West entrance to Glacier National Park.  The weather forecast promises rain and much cooler temperatures.  Sounds good to us!

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