Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting Settled in Summerdale

Ellie 001 We left our group of friends at Defeated Creek last Friday and drove back to Birmingham South Campground in Pelham, Alabama.  On Saturday evening, a good friend’s mom was being surprised with a 75th birthday party, and we’d been invited.  It was a great party with their family and friends, we were glad to be invited to share the happy evening.

This is real concentration – I didn’t even know Jim took this picture of me as I was driving on Friday:

Ellie 023

We also got to see our friends Carol and Steve a few times, actually, they cooked some of the best meals we’ve had in a while (well, at least since we were at Defeated Creek).  We spent 4 nights in Pelham and yesterday moved along to the Escapees Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Alabama.

Ellie 038

We first visited here 2 years ago in the fall, just about this same time.  We so enjoyed our time here then that we decided to come back for another visit.  Carol and Steve also love this area of Alabama, they come down to Gulf Shores frequently, so we’re hoping they can make a trip down here while we’re in the area.

When we arrived yesterday afternoon, Judy and Darrell Patterson (Wandering America) wandered over from their leased site here to welcome us.  The four of us were invited to Linda and Norm Payne’s place for a travel day dinner.  Except it was a post-travel day for the Pattersons, as they actually came in a day earlier than originally planned.  We had a wonderful dinner with great conversation.  What a nice welcome.

This morning Judy and I both attended the line dancing class here at the park.  There are sessions three days a week here, so I will get a chance to learn some new dances while we’re here.  I’ve had such fun with this line dancing thing, I may be getting addicted to it!  It’s good exercise for my body and my brain, as it requires some thinking and concentration to keep from tripping over my own feet!

There are also plenty of great, paved roads in the park for walking, I intend to do a lot of that here, too.  I need to stay in shape for those desert hikes once we get out to Arizona this winter.  Beach walking is also on the agenda here.  While I’m talking about our agenda, we both have some major cleaning out projects planned while we’re here.  I’ve been carting around a variety of started-then-forgotten-craft projects.  It’s become pretty clear to me that I am just not cut out to be a crafts person and I’m finally going to wise up and find good homes for all those scraps and unfinished projects!  Jim has declared he will be doing some cleaning and sorting of the outside compartments, so I guess we’ll be doing our “spring cleaning” here in the fall.  Works for us!

But in between all these work and exercise projects, we also hope to do some fun exploring of this beautiful area!  So stay tuned for our continued adventures!


Paul and Mary said...

Enjoy your time in Summerdale. Next time we see you I'll be ready to learn some new dances!!! Have fun!

JB said...

Sounds like I better get to work and do some walking so when we cross trails in the desert I won't be left in the dust.

The Paynes were the first blog I followed and it is good to here that they are doing well in Alabama, I still look for them everytime I get through Stewart/Hyder country as that is where they left off their travels on the

Randy and Terry said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying the Plantation again. I wish we could be there to catch up with you, but we're not getting there until January. Have a wonderful time!

Mark and Dortha said...

Have fun at the Plantation. It is such a great spot.

I can't wait to get to Retama and find some line dancing. You will have to let me know the dances you are doing so we can exchange insturctions. I am also looking forward to attending some Zumba classes.

Wish I were there...we would finish those craft projects. LOL

Hope to see you guys as you pass through on your way west.

Barb said...

Sounds like you're going to enjoy your stay there. I haven't joined Escapees yet (since I don't have an RV yet), but plan to in the future. I'll be interested in your activities while there and photos of the park and surrounding areas. It sounds like Escapee parks are well worth visiting.

You've got that right about the line dancing. It's so physical and mental at the same time. Not nearly as easy as the good dancers make it look! A wonderful activity for those of us wanting to keep in shape and keep our brains active. I used to relate learning line dances to learning a new language.

Avery's Wanderings said...

Enjoy the Plantation. The campgrounds are a great place to walk. We hope to see you in Arizona this winter. We have to stop in Red Bay on the way West to have an angle iron welded then on to our Daughter's place in Lubbock for Thanksgiving.
Glenn & Sylvia

Dan and Gail said...

Dan stayed at the Plantation while volunteering with Habitat for Humanity after Katrina. He really enjoyed it. Hope to spend more time there next spring. Really like the new blog look. And I'll for sure be trying the saran wrap in the freezer. What do I miss most from the sticks and bricks??? Frost free freezer!!!