Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday Gives Way to Monday

Yesterday was Sunday. I know that because it was the second football day in a row. Usually the first football day is Saturday, so the second football day would be Sunday. I remember one time after my Dad retired, he complained because he no longer got weekends and holidays. I laughed then. I guess I’m still laughing, because now it’s us. Saturdays and Sundays are a little different in our lives, we try to keep a low profile and stay out of stores and local attractions, preferring to visit those places during the week, on the theory that they won’t be as crowded then. Sometimes it works, but most of the time we think places are just as crowded anyway.

So yesterday was Sunday, and I did actually go to the store, but didn’t stay long, just got the few things I needed and got back home. Jim grilled a pork tenderloin for lunch and we enjoyed that along with green beans, rice and “hoppin John”.

The rest of the day we spent watching football and the weather. We got some thunderstorms last evening, noisy enough to have Jasmine trying to hide under the bed, which is a little difficult, since our bed is on a solid platform. The point is, she doesn’t usually react like that to thunder, so it must have been pretty loud to her.

Today I was up early and headed off to line dancing. The regular teachers aren’t “on duty” yet, and the couple who’s filling in until they do start left today for a rally, so there are just a few of us going over the the club house to “practice” this week.

New friends Sandy and John, whom we met at Defeated Creek, were arriving here at the Plantation today, so we invited them for dinner, as is our tradition, started by folks in the RV-Dreams community. When we know someone who’s coming in to a campground we try to provide their travel-day dinner. Many times we’ve been the grateful recipients of such dinners, so we’re always happy to do this – besides, it’s fun!

I made a baked chicken spaghetti casserole. Judy and Darrell joined us, and even brought a salad and apple pie that was the hit of the evening.

John and Darrell enjoy happy hour conversation:

Jim 005

Judy, me, and Sandy also enjoyed some happy hour conversation:

Jim 003

We swapped stories as we visited through happy hour, on in to dinner and long after dessert.

I want to close tonight with an interesting observation on this lifestyle. When we first retired and started traveling, we basically knew the people we hung out with in our hometown. There were several people we spent time with, and quite a few people we knew socially. But we didn’t know anyone “on the road” until I started discovering various blogs. The first friend we got to know in person was a very special woman I “met” on the Weight Watcher’s web site, and she talked about blogs she read, so I started reading them too. That led us to our first rally, the 2008 RV-Dreams first rally. From that website and rally our community started growing and continues to grow all the time. The many friends we’ve made are precious and priceless! We wanted to travel and see this beautiful country, not thinking that the most beautiful part of the journey would be the wonderful friends we’d come to know.

What a great life.


Mark and Dortha said...

Great blog.

Amen to the friend comment. Gosh, we have made so many friends while out on the road, I can't even count them! Glad you are two of them.

JB said...

Ditto on Dortha's comment.

Pat & Mike said...

Hope you're enjoying one of our "favorite" places. Say Hi to John and Sandy for us. They visited us at our place in Custer in July. Rollie & Gina, Rocky & Sheri Rhoades, John & Sandy and Mike and myself enjoyed a great evening of food and fun. Rollie did most of the cooking so you know we had some great food and the ladies all provided a wonderful dish. If you look back at their Blog on July 31, you'll see our picture.

test said...

We have been on the road full-timing a little over 9 months, and I can’t believe all the wonderful friends we have met. Thanks again for dinner, and more importantly the friendship you and Jim have given us. Amen to friends!

Paul and Mary said...

Couldn't agree more!!!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

So true about the days of the week blurring. I have resorted to keeping a calendar on my desktop, to be sure I know what day it is.

Making friends is a great part of this adventure. We are getting ready to go visit a couple we did not know until July, when we met them on a rally.

Randy and Terry said...

True words, Ellie. And we are so glad you and Jim are part of our circle!!

Anonymous said...

I love my traveling friends!!!

Jeanette said...

We are friends you haven't met yet! Been reading and enjoying your blogs ever since you left the Oregon Coast and headded south last Fall. We will be back at Buckskin State Park (near Lake Havasu City) this January and February. Stop in if you are near. Jim & Jeanette Scott

Lee Ann said...

So true Ellie, new friendships made while enjoying this great lifestyle are truly the best part of it! Larry & I are enjoying traveling along with you & Jim. Hope we see you on down the road again sometime soon, perhaps in Custer again!

Janna and Mike said...

Well said Ellie--we are looking forward to seeing our RVing friends in the desert this winter.