Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Robin!

Jim 002

It sure doesn’t seem that long ago I struggled over my sewing machine to make you a ruffled, long, feminine “prairie” dress you hated….but I guess it was about 25 years ago!  A lot has happened in those years, hasn’t it?  But the bottom line remains, your Dad and I love you very much, and wish you all the happiness you  most certainly deserve!  Happy Birthday, Dear Robin!  May you have many, many more years to celebrate the most wonderful person you are.

Today we spent a lot of time watching over the weather.  The forecasters promised us that muggy, humid, hot air would leave us and we’d have clear skies and cooler, drier air moving in.  Yay, it finally arrived around mid-day.    It was muggy and rainy when we got up this morning. I got Jasmine and Mr. BJ out between rain storms for a short walk.  By the time Jim went off to the store and I spent some time with my Wii Fit, the rain stopped., but it was still cloudy and muggy.

Finally, the sky cleared and the sun prevailed!  The dogs and I got a few more short walks done and I got my side of the closet cleared out.  Funny thing, though, it doesn’t seem like the closet has fewer things in it, but I have a whole stack of stuff to go to the craft folks here, plus a few extra clothes I don’t need now.  How does all that stuff manage to hide out! 

Here’s another picture of a rose that Jim took at Fairhope.  He sure has a way with that camera!:

Jim 036

Late this afternoon, we cleaned up our patio area and I sat outside for awhile.  Jim was getting the charcoal grill ready to grill steaks when our new neighbors stopped by.  We’d watched this afternoon as they got parked and then backed a small car out of their “garage” attached to a big truck that pulls their Teton 5th wheel.  We were surprised to find out they have our same last name – Meacham!  We don’t meet many other Meacham’s, wonder if we’re related?  They are new to the fulltime life, welcome, Jay and Vickie!  They’ve met our friends Mike and Pat Mcfall and Rollie & Gina, as well as Jack and Danielle Mayer.  Small world, this RV community, isn’t it?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been messing with the layout and template design of my blog.  Thanks, Penny, for your comment about the small text size on the gray background.  I’m working on that, and hopefully you’ll have an easier time reading it now. I sure don’t mind comments about the layout -  especially if it’s meant to help me make the blog better and easier for you to read!  I appreciate all your comments, and hope that you all continue to follow our adventures!

Of course, not every day is filled with new adventures, some days we get off to a slow start and never seem to gain much momentum, but every day is precious, and we are happy to share our blessings with you.

We wish you safe travels, blue skies and happy adventures!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie,
I really like the look of your new blog. Easy to read and the colors look good. I enjoy reading about your travels and adventures.
Safe Travels,

FD5, Retired said...

Happy Birthday Robin, hope you had a great day!!
Y'all are in a beautiful area of Alabama.
Stay Safe

Pat and Mike said...

Good morning Ellie and Jim,
We met your new neighbors, Jay and Vicki Meacham, at the HDT Rally a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering myself if they were any relation to Jim. Jay is an excellent cook. He used to own a restaurant and he brought delicious dishes to our Happy Hours and covered dish dinners. I'm sure you'll soon find out what a good cook he is. But, just between you and I, nobody can beat Rollie and Gina's cooking. :-)

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Oh, Ellie, that is a lot better. Thank you, I can read it easily now.

If I were to take everything out of my RV, I know I would be amazed at what has crept in there over the years.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Margie and Roger said...

Those photos of the flowers and butterfly are really very good!