Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shopping Day

We took our time getting started today, I love quiet, slow mornings when I can walk the dogs, have coffee and discuss what we might want to do.  The decision for this day was to make a run to the LL Bean store in Freeport. We stopped and had a late breakfast at the Subway around the corner on the way to the interstate.  When we got to Freeport, we drove around 3 parking lots before we finally found a spot. 

We both spent a lot of time browsing through LL Bean, but since they now import their clothes from China, it’s not much different than shopping most anywhere else.  I found a shirt and pair of capris that were on sale, but Jim didn’t find anything that he couldn’t live without.

 We visited a couple of other shops in the area and each found a T-shirt.  I was shopped out by then, it was hot and crowded and I was ready to go relax for awhile.  I decided on the way back home that I’d see about getting a pedicure, so we stopped at the local Topsham Fair Mall and I went in to check on an appointment at a nail salon.  They weren’t too busy, so I made an appointment for 30 minutes from then, and dropped Jim off at home, fed and walked the dogs, then went back over for a pedi.

Jim was hungry when I got back from the pedi, so we programmed DeeDee to take us to the Fat Boy Drive In and had hamburgers.  This is a local place that still has carhop service.   It reminded us both of the places we frequented (not together though) when we were younger!

A quick stop at the ice cream place next door to Fat Boy completed our dinner and now we’re settled in for another exciting evening of Olympics.

We managed to get through the day without taking any new pictures, so the ones here are some from yesterday at the beach and Boothbay Harbor.


Mike and Peggy Evringham said...

So... what did you have at Fat Boy's? My favorite is the BLT with Canadian Bacon and Onion Rings. The Frappes are pretty darn good as well!

Mark and Dortha said...

So glad you had the opportunity to visit Fat Boys! Can't even begin to count the points