Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Out and About

Today’s been a beautiful day to get out and see more of Maine’s spectacular scenery.  We started off by having breakfast burritos at home before we loaded cameras, DeeDee and the dogs into the car and took off for Fort Popham State Historical Site.  This was a Civil War era fort that the state of Maine purchased from the federal government in 1924 and has been trying to restore since then.

Inside the fort:

After we explored the fort, we watched a group of kayakers launch their kayaks, took some pictures 

I'm guessing, but I think this is the Pond Island Lighthouse we could see from Fort Popham.  This picture was taken by Jim with his 300mm lens.

After our fort visit we turned our sights on Popham Beach State Park.

There we spent some time taking a walk on the beach, more pictures, walking the dogs and just enjoying the fresh air and pretty day before getting back on the road towards Boothbay Harbor. 

People were having a great time with "big" waves today:

We stopped at a roadside stand along the way and bought some fresh Maine blueberries, yum.

Boothbay Harbor was a busy place today!  

But we found a parking spot on the street.  The first order of business was giving the dogs their lunch, then we got them on their leashes and started walking around town.  

We found a little café with outside tables so we could take the dogs with us.  

One of the many nice things about Maine is that it’s very dog friendly.  We’ve not had any problem taking the dogs most anyplace we wanted to,  with the exception of Popham Beach which only allows them on the beach in the fall and winter months.

Our lunch consisted of Lobster rolls for both Jim and me, just water for the dogs.  Jazz thought it was pretty fun to drink out of my cup when I was finished with my drink!

We took turns stopping into stores and holding the dogs as we walked about the village after lunch.  I think there was a stop in a little candy store along the way for a piece of chocolate each.

Finally we decided we should start finding our way back to the fairgrounds.  In Wiscasset, there’s a well-known lobster roll stand, Red’s Eats.  It was too early for lunch when went through on the way to Boothbay Harbor, and we’d already eaten when on the return trip.  We would have been in for a long wait, anyway!

Where’d all this traffic come from??? 

We still made it home in time for Happy Hour.  More adventure  planned for tomorrow.


Renea Miller said...

LOVE it!!! It sounds like my kind of day - laid back, strolls on the beach! AMAZING!!!

Love y'all!!!

Mike and Peggy Evringham said...

Looks like you had a great day! Don'tcha just love that Wiscasset summer traffic! And to think I worked there for 25 years!

Darrell and Judy Patterson said...

I can almost smell the salt air!!!