Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Day of Research

Jim was the one who got up early this morning. He was ready to take the laundry into Custer by a little after 7 a.m. I puttered around the Castle, but didn't want to do any deep cleaning today, because of our repair journey to Rapid City tomorrow. We've been going to a local laundromat in Custer while we're here. The campground only has one washer and dryer, so we can't do our 4 or 5 loads all at once, as we like to. The local laundromat is the cleanest one we've (well, Jim has)been to, but it does stay busy, that's why Jim went early.

We planned out more of our journey and now have reservations at most of the places we want to stay until just past Labor Day. I still need to make 2 more reservations, hopefully I'll have time to finish that tomorrow. It's actually a lot of work and gets pretty tedious doing this campground research. We try to use several sources to be sure we're finding and comparing the available campgrounds. We use the state's online directories, Trailer Life (although their new online service isn't too fast), indivual park web sites,, and other people's blogs to help us decide. We also look at our planned route and try not to get too far away from that, due mainly to the high fuel costs. Another resource I use is Google Earth. I've actually found additional campgrounds that may not be well represented on the internet by scanning the area with Google Earth.

We visited with some of our neighbors, and I've walked the dogs a few times. I've also ironed a bunch of our clothes and watched a rainstorm pass.

Quite an exciting day!

These pictures are from a few days ago, when we walked at Stockade Lake. There's a deer in the lower right portion of the picture below:

Here's a close up of the deer. I think she's either very well-fed or may be pregnant!

We are heading out early tomorrow with the Castle to travel to Rapid City to have the solenoid replaced. This is supposed to fix our problem with the driver's side slides. Keeping our fingers crossed!


Mark and Dortha said...

Hope you get the mh fixed. Does this mean you aren't going to Red Bay? And, how do you get Jim to do the laundry? Safe travels.

Joe and Sherri said...

Be safe and we will see ya on Chat??