Monday, July 7, 2008

A Special Day

July 7, 1985. It was a hot, very hot, day in Colorado Springs. It didn’t really matter to us, though, as we weren’t thinking about the weather, other than to hope it didn’t rain that afternoon. We had a wedding and reception to attend – ours. That is the day, 23 years ago, Jim and I blended our families into one. The kids were part of the ceremony, which was held at my sister’s house. We had a small wedding, just family and close friends. But immediately after the wedding, we had our reception there, and all our friends came and helped us celebrate the beginning of our lives together. It’s been quite a ride, the ups and downs of raising our family, along with all the challenges and rewards of our careers, home ownership and just life in general. Now that we’re retired and living our dream, it sure was worth all the struggles. Of course, we have many great memories of all those years.

We celebrated today by accepting Ginger and Jesse’s invitation to their place for lunch. Gee, what a drive to their house! They are staying at a campground just outside Hermosa, South Dakota, right across Custer State Park from us. On the way, we got delayed by big horn sheep and buffalo. What a nice sort of traffic jam!

This one stopped in the middle of the road, just a few feet from us, with a look that said, "so you want a picture?" Sure!

This scene gives new meaning to the phrase, "Share the Road"

Jesse grilled some delicious chicken breasts, Ginger made a broccoli salad and a pasta salad and I took a pan of the same recipe for “baked beans” that I fxed at the rally.

Ginger getting the table ready:

Jesse getting the chicken ready:

After our wonderful meal, we played two games of canasta. This time, Ginger and I won the first game. We let the guys win the second! We finished off the afternoon with a piece of peanut butter pie that Ginger made. The recipe is from the RV Dreams Family Cookbook, and it is a keeper for sure! Ginger and Jesse are heading back to Colorado this week. Their house is still on the market, and they need to get back to see to things. We’re sending some positive “sell” energy with them. Thanks you two, and good luck getting that house sold!

Looks like sugar stupor to me:

What a special day it's been!


Peggy said...

Happy Anniversary you two! It sounds like you've had a good one, and David and I wish you many more!

Randy & Terry said...

Congratulations on 23 years of wedded bliss! :) We will also celebrate 23 years in December. Sounds like we have a similar story, blending families. Enjoy the blog. Maybe we'll see you on the road.

Sandra said...

Glad you had a nice anniversary. Hope you got my Happy Anniversary email!

Joe and Sherri said...

Hey congrates from two oldtimer fulltimers...You guys are the greatest and we both pray for a long relationship for us all. Have another 20+ years so we can join you Somewhere in Time

Joe and Sherri

Dee & Jim said...

Happy Anniversary!! I pray for many more years with each other on the road.
Dee & Jim

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and here's to 23 more in your new lifestyle.
Fred & Jo