Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day 2008

Today, Jim and I are appreciating our freedom and independence in this country. We have the freedom to live this incredible lifestyle. We are thinking of the friends we've made and where they are today.

Some are enjoying the beauty of Alaksa. Some are working hard on a ranch in Colorado (and enjoying The Pie). Some are here in South Dakota, enjoying the cool air and beauty of this land.
Some are workamping in New England, Massachusetts, Maine and other places. Some are in Canada, Montana, Wyoming, Missouri, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon. We've made friends from all over. Some aren't on the road yet, some don't plan to be.

We're thinking of our family and friends in Texas and Colorado today. We love and appreciate all of you!

Here are some scenes around Broken Arrow Campground.

Lovely facilities:

One of the views out our front window:

Another view from the front window, zoomed in to show the mountains in the distance:
And another view:

No, you're not seeing double, we're parked next to an Allegro Bus:

The evening sun shinging on the Castle:

Karon and Jazz:
South Dakota sunset:

A distant view of the Crazy Horse monument:

Happy Birthday, America!!

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Jenny Johnson said...

That outhouse reminds me of my childhood. Beautiful photos and yes it is a great country we live in Outhouses and all!!