Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting a House Call

A few days ago I realized that Pat and Mike McFall's summer place is just down the road from us. We bought our Pressure Pro tire monitoring system from them last year. We've had one sensor that didn't want to transmit consistently. We'd talked with Pat a couple of times by phone, getting suggestions about trying things to get that sensor to work all the time. When we bought the Castle, we transferred the whole system from the Bounder. Even that didn't make a difference with that one sensor. In addition, now we've noticed different sensors would stop transmitting off and on. On our list of things to do was a call to talk to the McFalls to see what we could do about these minor problems with our system.

For those who are not familiar with Pressure Pro, the system consists of small sensors that replace the valve caps on all your tires, and a controller that is mounted on the dash of your motor home or tow truck. You install each sensor and program the pressure of each individual tire into the controller. Then, as you travel, the system monitors the pressure in each tire. If the pressure goes down a certain percentage, you get an alarm. Our system has saved us a couple of times, when we had problems with one of the car's tires. If you'd like more detailed information, I've linked the McFall's Pressure Pro website above.

When I realized how close we were located to the McFalls, I called them. They were out on Lake Angostura, near Hot Springs, South Dakota, at the time. As I was speaking with Pat, she was catching a fish! We set up a time for them to come over and take a look at our system and share a meal with us.

Having company is always a good incentive to spruce up the Castle, so I spent most of the day doing those cleaning chores I've been putting off. Poor Jim, we didn't need to have the laundry done, and we didn't need any groceries. He was pretty much stuck here, although I was able to find a few outside chores to keep him occupied. He finally did manage to dream up an errand that took him into town for awhile.

Pat and Mike came with a salad to share. We visited for awhile before they went to work on figuring out our problem sensor. Finally they determined a new sensor was needed. We also got a repeater which is a device to increase the signal from the sensors. That should take care of our problems.

Meanwhile, we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these special folks. They've been fulltiming for about 13 years and have a wonderful outlook on life. Pat did mention that the fish she caught during our call was the only one of the day. She kept hoping I'd call back so she could catch another.

We certainly plan to stay in touch with these great folks!

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