Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Short Drive, A Short Walk

We got up relaxed this morning, knowing that we'll be here for another week. Since it was a beautiful, sunny morning, we decided to go to Stockade Lake for a walk.
And, this isn't even the prettiest place around here!

I took a break from walking to see if the mystery birds were on the island nests:

Yes, they were! We could see them fairly clearly this morning.
Jim gets the credit for this picture of the blue herons nesting at Stockade Lake. One is standing on the nest, and there is another in the branches:

Another photo Jim took, this is a dandelion gone to seed:

We finished our walk, admiring the incredible beauty of the morning.

Not quite ready to go back home, we took a short drive to see if Sylvan Lake was as crowded this morning. It sure was! I think there were even more people there this morning. Rather than fight the crowd to walk there, we decided to head back to the Castle.

I've spent a lot of time this afternoon working on my pictures. Jim is very organized about his, but I tend to download them to a folder and then think I'll get to them "soon" to weed through them, organize, resize and backup. Well, "soon" doesn't come around very often, and now I have about a year and a half to go through. I'm deleting some, resizing them all, and uploading them to Picasa. Today's entry is the first one I've tried putting pictures in directly from Picasa. I hope it works, as it will be easier to use this way.

I fixed a pan of goulash, made a simple salad, and we had a great meal that included a peach cobbler that Jim made. I froze the leftovers for another day. It's been a nice, laid-back day, just the way we like it!

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Joe and Sherri said...

Jim is so talented...Sherri will not let me in the kitchen?? I would like to learn how to cook in the crock pot but she just wont let me do anything...this may be a good thing. Oh well I will have to try Jims Cobler some time. Thanks for the information on the table. We will follow it up as soon as Sherri gets back in town.

Joe and Sherri