Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fun in Custer

I'm starting this entry with last night. We were visiting with some of our RV-Dreams friends in the chat room during the evening. I kept noticing that the sky was turning a deeper and deeper shade of orange. Finally I popped out of the chat room to take some pictures. This was not even as dark orange as it became a little later, but by then it was a little too dark to take pictures without a tripod. Of course, the rain and a little bit of hail came soon enough. But what a sky!

This next picture is for Speedy (Joe), one of our friends we've met through the RV-Dreams community. As the story goes, when he was overseas in the military, he got up one morning and put on his pants, only to discover a beetle had taken up residence in them. So this is Speedy, trying to outrun the beetle! Lost his pants along the way, I guess!

Ok, on to today! I got the place cleaned up a bit, although we're still a little disorganized after our trip to Rapid City yesterday. I also walked this morning. After last night's rain, it was a cool, crisp morning, just right for a good walk.

Jim ventured into town, and when he got back, he declared that no one was visiting Crazy Horse or Mt. Rushmore today because they were all in downtown Custer for the Gold Discovery Days celebrations. When he got back, he wanted to try a recipe for barbeque in the crockpot, so he worked on that. I made a salad to take to the gathering this evening.

About 4:00, we got our drinks and headed up to the pavilion. Soon, several more couples arrived and we had a fine happy hour and barbeque. There were about 18 or 20 people attending this evening. Everyone brought their own meat to grill and a dish to share. And, there were some delicious sharing dishes! Green salads, jello salads, pasta salads, broccoli salad. Then there were the desserts. I think it should be a tradition in every campground to have a potluck gathering every week! We got to know several new folks and hope we get to see them again down the road.

We visited and laughed and had a great time before the serious business of grilling and eating got underway. When we first went to the pavilion the sky was nearly clear. But, as we visited, the clouds started gathering. Just as we were enjoying dessert, the wind whipped up and the gathering was scattered.

Here are Doyle and Fiona, fulltimers who recently sold their house in Oklahoma.

Lee Ann and Larry were able to join us this evening. We had a great time comparing notes, hope we get to spend more time with these great people.

Lou and Dick are regulars here in Custer too, and are good friends of Lee Ann and Larry:

Here's Jim and another Jim tending to the grilling:

Just seconds before I snapped this picture, Pat McFall was teasing Jim with a long, slender green leaf, asking if it reminded him of the snake he saw the other day.

We've had a great day!

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