Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Change is Good

When I was growing up, every 6 months or so, my mother would gather the 4 of us kids and Dad to rearrange the living room furniture. I guess the many years of that activity got imprinted pretty deeply in my brain, because now I'm the same way. Only now, my furniture is pretty much arranged for me. Period. Jim tells me this is the last rig we're buying, so I have to find new outlets for my need to change. Of course, we can move on down the road when we're ready for a change of scenery, but sometimes I just want a change for change sake when we're sitting still.

I decided to rearrange my blog. So today, you'll find a new look to Justravelin. Thanks to Dortha of On the Road Again, I've also added some audio. Thanks for the hints on how to get that added! So, if you turn your sound up, you will hear Rascal Flats, "My Wish".



Mark and Dortha said...

Great Job...I like your new look.

Joe and Sherri said...

Ellie no sound?? I like your new layout. It really looks great. It is all I could do to get mine the way it is...I will have to get much better to change mine. Oh well I need to find out how to put music to ours...Somewhere in Time theme song would be nice??

Joe and Sherri

Peggy said...

Hey Ellie...great job! Tell Jim he looks real good fishin at that spot!

Maureen said...

Ellie, I love the new look, almost chose this layout when I started. Love the song by Rascal Flatts,one of my favorites. You will have to share how to add music one of these days.. Thanks for sharing so much of SD with your blog, I am getting excited about getting there!! Hello to jim and as always "Safe Travels"