Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Laid Back Day - Chadron State Park, Nebraska

Karon and her family stopped in to say "See Ya" before they pulled out around 9 or so yesterday morning. (I hardly ever know what time it is!) We'll get together again in Custer in a few days.

After they'd gone, we finished sorting our laundry and Jim piled it in the car and headed to town. The small town of Chadron is only about 8 or 10 miles from the park, so it's easy to run to town. There is a small Super-Walmart, so life is good! While he was getting the laundry done, I made a feeble attempt to clean, although my heart just wasn't in it! I used the central vac and just went over things lightly.

After Jim got back with clean clothes, he invited me to go back to town for lunch. Ok, then, that's a plan. We ended up at the local Chinese restaurant which wasn't bad at all. We took a short drive around town and out the direction we'll be heading when we leave, then came back home.

A few more windows to add to my collection:

Time to check out the swimming pool! We got our suits and sunscreen on, and headed over to the pool here at the park. There were a few kids in the pool, but it's a huge pool, so no problem with dodging the kids. We just floated around, cooling ourselves and doing our "strategic planning" session. When we wintered in Apache Junction, Arizona year before last, we spent hours in the pool, planning our house sale and official launch into fulltiming. Now, any time we get in a pool, it seems to turn into a planning session. The only thing is, now, I'm not so much into planning anymore! Ah, that feels good.

We were refreshed, so we sat out in the sun for awhile to dry off. Back at the motor home, we just relaxed the rest of the day.

I took a few more pictures of the area right around us. I can't seem to get enough of the beauty here!

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