Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Research Day

This has been the kind of day I used to dream about when I was still working. No specific plans, no pressing things that just had to get done today. Well, almost. I did need to call Buckhorn Lake RV Resort in Kerrville, Texas, to reserve our spot for the RV-Dreams "family reunion" we're planning for the first week or 2 of March. I got that done!

I also needed to talk to Gerri, one of the owners of Broken Arrow. We're planning another get -together Saturday evening, and we want to use the pavilion again. She wasn't busy, so she and I sat out on the porch at the office and just visited for about half an hour. That's one of the reasons I like it here so much. This campground isn't fancy, but the people who own it are pretty special folks. They both used to drive semi trucks in this area, hauling logs. They started this campground 2 years ago. They've done all the work themselves with their own equpment. They wanted a place that both "horse people" and "rv people" could have their own space, but with opportunities to interact. They are both very friendly and helpful, just regular folks. If they have time, they will "sit a spell" and visit with their customers out on the porch.

I took a few pictures of the campground and some of the wildflowers that grow naturally here.

This is the office building:

The entrance to the campground. The horse area is to the right, and the rv area is to the left:

A view from just outside the fence:

And, the flowers:

I walked the dogs about 5 times. I went into town to see about getting a haircut (not happening), and to pick up some coffee beans. If you want Starbucks coffee beans, a haircut, an oil change for your car, a brisket, or Mexican food, you won't find any of those in Custer. Plan on a drive to Rapid City! We've heard "We don't have that here" in answer to our requests for all of those items here!

The rest of the day has been spent on the computer and the phone, researching and making reservations. We haven't made reservations each time we've been on the road, but we thought it might be a good idea for our trip as far as Iron Mountain, Michigan. First, we're coming up on the Sturgis motorcycle rally, and we don't know what impact that will have on rv parks across I-90. Second, we don't know this part of the country, don't know how full things will be in early August. So, we found places for several nights across South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. We've found 3 Passport America parks that would take reservations and give the discount, so that was good. That saved us enough to stay at a little more expensive resort in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. I hope that works out ok, because I had to pay in full for the 2 nights we'll stay.

Jim grilled some great pork chops, and I baked the potatoes and steamed the broccoli. Then I walked the dogs again. We've had severe weather warnings off and on all day. The clouds gather and it looks like it will storm, then the clouds dissipate and the sun is back. And that's how our day has been!


Karon said...

Dear Friends,

You are capturing the magic!

Beautiful pictures!

Miss you!!!

Love you, Karon

Mike McFall said...

Nice post!! Great pictures. See you sat. Sorry we don't have all those "fancy" things here in Custer, but that's the way we LOVE it!!! Much more to enjoy..


Joe and Sherri said...

Great to hear you have your reservations for Kerrville. I will make mine today as soon as I can. I like the porch Idea...setting and visiting is fun.