Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Day in Mitchell, South Dakota

We had a "to-do" list, so we got up and around kind of early this morning. Especially since my body clock is still on Mountain Time!

After our coffee and dog walking, I took on a new job - Jim's barber. Since I groom the dogs, he thinks I should be able to cut his hair too. A few days ago, we bought a clipper set for him. This morning was his "appointment" with me, so we headed out for the clipper initiation. I'm happy to report he has a fresh haircut and people haven't been looking at him strangely today, so I guess I'll keep the barber job. I'm actually thinking of trying to cut my own hair, as I think I can do as good a job as some of the people I've paid to do it over the past year and a half!
Following Jim's haircut, we got to work on the front of the Castle with our Dri-Wash. We scrubbed bugs off yesterday, but wanted to polish it today. We noticed that the little bug bodies didn't stick quite as badly as before we used the Dri-Wash, so we're still happy with it. While we were out there, a neighbor lady came by and said I'm giving her a bad name with her husband. Seems he noticed me cutting Jim's hair, and then he saw me out polishing the motor home. He was wondering how come his wife wasn't that handy!
I completed my morning chores by cleaning up the kitchen, making the bed and straightening up the place. Time for some relaxation! We took a drive out to Lake Mitchell:

A van load of kids arrived shortly after we did, so we left the beach to them and went on down the road to Cabela's. There wasn't much there that we really needed or wanted, and we decided a lunch at Ruby Tuesday's would be good. We both had salads and shrimp.

The pool looked just too inviting so we had a swim this afternoon. After we saw the memorabilia from the movie, "Dances with Wolves" yesterday, we both wanted to see the movie again. We watched that after our swim. I thought that was a fitting way to spend our last afternoon in South Dakota, since it was filmed, in part, in this state. Like Jim said, it's one of the saddest movies we've seen!

And that's been our day. We're traveling to Welcome, Minnesota, tomorrow for 2 nights.


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

South Dakota is lovely. Thank you.
I loved 'Dances with Wolves', too. I get very upset when I read about how the Original Americans were treated. But cruel wars and battles have been going on for centuries. I just cannot understand how some folks can be cruel to their fellow man, and/or the critters, and still profess to be religious. Happy Trails, Penny, TX

CowgirlCreations said...

Try it Ellie! Cut your own hair! I have short hair like you and cut it at the end of June and again last night! People actually complimented my hair. I was paranoid at first that they were just saying they liked it because they spotted a major screw up, but my dh assured me it looked good. He checks the back for me to see if it's even. I think I've done a better job than some of the gals I've paid!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,
Any hints on what I can do to get Jo to polish the rig? It's not been done since we were in Mexico, and the neighbors are starting to point fingers. :-)

Joe and Sherri said...

Hey what is the secrete??? Sherri does not like to do that kind of stuff...I like it when she helps makes it more fun when we do things for me not her...LOL


Jenny Johnson said...

And do we have a picture of Jim's new haircut....glad to see you have graduated to the ranks of barber Ellie. Some people spend lots of money and go to school to do that. If the neighbors are requesting haircuts you must be doing a good job