Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Day in Sunny Savannah

After a very quiet, slow day at home on Thursday, we decided to do a little more exploring in Savannah yesterday. First stop was the old Colonial Park Cemetary, which was open for business from 1750 to 1853. Most of the headstones are faded and unreadable, but there are several historical markers around to point out notable graves. An example of one of the more notable ones is a well-preserved memorial to Button Gwinnett, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and Provisional President of Georgia in 1777.

Lined up across a brick wall of the cemetary are stones such as the ones below. We don't know if they were found knocked over and just moved here, or exactly why they are affixed to the wall.

The fountain in Forysyth Park was next on the list. Dortha and I chose to walk, and the guys took the car. On our walk, we enjoyed the sights of the historical district:

I could have stayed in the park for hours, it's beautiful!

We were getting hungry, though, so we decided to get a bite to eat and take a walk on the beach one more time before we leave the area. Dortha and Mark had eaten at The Crab Shack before, so that's where we decided to go.

Just outside the restaurant is this alligator pond. "No Swimming" -- No Kidding! There are a lot of alligators in this pond! I'm sure you can't see all of them, but in this picture there are at least 10!

Ah, the beach...
It was a warm and delightful time.

Too soon, it seems, it was time to head back to the rv park. I needed to make a Walmart run, and Dortha needed a few things too, so we left the guys in charge and went to do the shopping.
When we got back, they had a campfire going. S'mores? Is that marshmallow and chocolate I smell on your breath? Good thing they finished them off and destroyed the evidence!

What a wonderful day. We've had an amazing time exploring Savannah, I have a new favorite city!

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