Friday, November 14, 2008

We Have an Adventure

We woke up to rain this morning, but it didn't last long. The temperature has been pretty warm for the last couple of days, but from what we hear on the local forecast, we'd better keep our jeans and jackets handy because it's supposed to get cooler over the weekend.
Dortha and I went to Weight Watchers this morning, but there wasn't a meeting, the center was just open for weigh-in. We both showed a loss, so that was good. When we got back to Rainbow Plantation, the guys had gone to talk to Glenn and Sylvia. The plans were made, we were going to have an early lunch and go over to Pensacola to attend the air show, featuring the Blue Angels.

We found this little restaurant behind a local fish market. Sylvia knew it was there but they had not yet tried it. Ok, we're up for a new experience, so we tried it. It was pretty good, I had veggie stir fry and gumbo.

Jim and I went in our car, Glenn and Sylvia rode with Mark and Dortha as we headed east to Pensacola. Glenn helped navigate, since they'd been over to the Naval Air Station last weekend.

We got parked and began the long, long, walk to the main area where the show was being held.

The Blue Angels, based in Pensacola, were doing their last shows for the season here today and tomorrow. Before they took to the air, though, we watched several smaller planes doing acrobatic flying:

We could see the Blue Angel's crew getting ready:

Almost ready for take off is Captain Kevin Mannix in Blue Angels #1

But, before we see the Blue Angels flying, we got to see their huge cargo plane, called "Fat Albert", do some tricks:

Here they go, up:


Even upside down:

And with all five planes. These guys are amazing with their precision flying.

A wave from another jet's pilot:

And the show was over.

This lighthouse is on the base, but with security tight for the show, they had the road to it blocked, so we couldn't get very close.
We headed back home on the scenic route, right along the coast. A great adventure with great friends!


Leno said...

What a cool adventure. I love the air base in Pensacola, however they have never been performing while we were there. You were lucky to catch it.
Have fun and I look forward to your next Adventure!

Doncat and Cheryl said...

Hi Ellie,
Great pictures, I love airshows and the Blue Angels were here at Barksdale not long ago. I love the area where you are now, can't wait until we are free to visit without time restraints!


Mike McFall said...

You do SUPER on your Blog and the pictures are SUPERB!!!

Sorry to hear you scrubbed your Mission, TX trip. We will miss you..Stop by if you change your mind..

Travel safe.