Saturday, November 29, 2008

Last Day in White Flint COE Park

Today was our last day in White Flint COE Park at Belton Lake, but not the last day at Belton Lake. Tomorrow, we'll make a big move, all of about 6 or 7 miles, over to Cedar Ridge COE Park. Karon and Dan moved today, but the site we have reserved is occupied until tomorrow.

We drove over there this morning to take a look at our site and make sure Jim knows where the turn off is. It's a bigger and busier park than White Flint. We'll be a little further from the lake, but it's still a nice park, and we're still next to the lake. The sites are very long, with an extra space for parking the car. Each site also has a covered picnic table, just like this park has. The COE parks in this area are really very well maintained and run. They have 50 amp electric and water. Cedar Ridge also has a laundry room, although I'm not sure how many machines they have.

We'll be there for the next couple of weeks, and then we'll be going to Burleson, Texas, just south of Fort Worth, where we'll stay until mid-January. Then we will be heading down to Rockport, Texas.

Today I also got the floors vacuumed and the tile floor mopped. I walked the dogs around the park several times and played on the computer while Jim spent the day in football heaven. I'm sure he's watched about 50 college football games over the past few days. And tomorrow - well, the NFL teams will take center stage!

I fixed hamburger packets for dinner tonight, gee, it sure seems strange to cook for 2 again! These are the same kind of packets we all learned how to make when we were kids in girl or boy scouts, with onions, a hamburger patty, potatoes, mushrooms and veggies. We didn't have a camp fire, so I just used our oven, but they still turned out pretty good.

All in all, not a very exciting day, but a good one anyway!

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