Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Full Day

I needed to be up early this morning to get ready to go to a Weight Watcher's meeting in Temple, Texas. Karon needed to drop her dog, KD, off at the groomer's before the meeting, we we were leaving early.

It was crispy cold when I went out with the dogs. There was a mist rising off the lake, I tried to get a picture of it:

We got KD to the groomer's and found our meeting. It was a good meeting, even though I had a small weight loss - but a loss is a loss, so I'm not complaining!

KD was ready at the groomer's after the meeting was over, so we stopped by to pick her up and came on back to the campground. Jim & I had lunch, then I put together a pot of lentil soup to start cooking for dinner.

Jim had a little fishing time with Dan, while Karon and I took a ride over to Cedar Ridge park to check out the sites we have reserved for next week. I wanted to see if I think we can get a satellite signal, and Karon was checking availability on sites for some other friends of theirs who were hoping to spend a few days there. No sites were available, good thing we made the reservations.

Later this afternoon, Karon and I took a walk down this road:

The soup turned out really good. It is a new recipe to me, and I wasn't sure how it would taste, but it's good, so that recipe is a keeper. After dinner, I got some time to practice Guitar Hero while Jim went to the back to watch - I'm not sure, could be football!
Maybe tomorrow will be a sleep-in morning!

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