Monday, November 24, 2008

White Flint Corps of Engineer Park, Belton Lake, Texas

I woke up early today and couldn't seem to get back to sleep, so I got up and read blogs for awhile. Jim woke up and noticed I was not there, so he got up too and we had our coffee and watched the sun rise over Belton Lake:

I had time to bake a batch of Weight Watcher's chocolate muffins before Karon and I took the Schnauzer Brigade out for our morning walk. We make a loop all the way around the campground. It takes us about 20 - 25 minutes to make one complete loop and we're trying to get up to at least 3 times a day.

Karon and I were planning a trip to Walmart to get the ingredients for our Thanksgiving dinner. Jim decided he'd like to go along so he would know how to get to Walmart, and off we went. We got our shopping done at both Walmart and HEB before returning to the campground for lunch and a short rest before walk number 2.

Jim wanted to get his fishing license, and he decided not to wait, so he went back to Walmart to do that this afternoon. When he got back, he had a surprise - he bought us a World Tour Guitar Hero Game for the Wii. It came with 2 guitars! I'd played Guitar Hero when I went to my Weight Watcher's gathering in late September, and it was so much fun! Now, if we can figure out how to get it working with the 2 guitars...

While Jim was gone, I took this picture of the lake out our side window. This is a very small park. There is only one loop with about 10 sites, plus a few shelters such as the one in the picture below. It is pretty quiet, although we do hear some traffic noise, and there is an army base nearby so there's an occasional helicopter flying by, but for the most part, it is very peaceful here.

Karon brought over brats and a low fat sausage for me to grill on the George Foreman. We had that plus salad, and leftover Hoppin John and rice for dinner.

Now we're all settled in for a night of football, and hopefully, a good night's sleep!

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LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Ellie and Jim, I am so glad that you are there to give Karon some moral support. That is great. Happy Holidays, Penny, TX