Sunday, November 30, 2008

We Move to Cedar Ridge

We were up and around, had breakfast, walked dogs and packed for moving by around 10 this morning. The only problem was, the people who were in the site we had reserved at Cedar Ridge had not left yet. Karon promised to call as soon as she saw them getting ready to leave.

By 12:30, we still had not heard from Karon, so I called her back. Finally, just as she answered the phone, the guy started wrapping up the electric and water. Ok, we’re on the way. We stopped at the dump station and got that little chore taken care of, and made the long drive to Cedar Ridge, not quite 7 miles from campsite to campsite.

We hardly missed a quarter of one football game! We were set up and settled in around 1:30. Karon came over to greet us and let us know she had white chicken chili cooking for dinner. We agreed that she would bring the chili over here at 4:30 for an early meal.

This is the view behind us toward the lake:
We have a little path to our picnic shelter:
Right on schedule, Karon brought our dinner and joined us for a delicious meal of white chicken chili, cornbread, tortillas, and banana pudding, yum!

We visited with her until she needed to get back home.

Pefect travel day!

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Joe and Sherri said...

We're back and I have caught up on some journals...but not all. It was so great to see you both for the short time that we had. I have not read Karon's journal but if she has not posted and I don't have a place to comment to her and Dan please let them both know that Sherri and I are thinking about them and also let thme know if there is anything that we can do to please let us know.

Joe and Sherri