Saturday, November 1, 2008

Savannah Seafood Festival

Today didn't turn out exactly as we thought it would. The four of us were going to Savannah for the Seafood Festival after we'd stopped at the Saturn dealership one more time to return the wrong wheel cover.

We were just getting ready to leave when Mark knocked on the door and asked if Jim had any wire connector covers. It seems he'd tried to change out his bad hot water heater switch, and gotten into some difficulty. Jim went over to find out what he needed. To make a long story short, Mark found most of the wires in the panel where the water heater switches are located were not very securely connected and had come apart. He could not get anything back together right, and they had no power to either their propane or electric water heater.

After much looking and discussing, Mark called a mobile rv service and they decided they'd better stay behind to wait for the technician.

So Jim and I headed out on our own. We got to the Saturn place and they had the correct wheel cover in stock. Then we drove through some beautiful, historic neighborhoods on the way down to River Street for the Festival. We got parked in a downtown garage just a block away and walked.

We sure didn't see very many seafood places at the festival, but there were plenty of arts and crafts vendors and people everywhere. We actually ended up eating lunch at a tavern instead of paying the high prices for the fried seafood offered by festival vendors. I had a turkey wrap and Jim had a hamburger. After we ate, we walked around a little while, but didn't see much that interested us, so we came on back to the rv park.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting out in the warm sun, waiting for the mobile tech who never arrived. He evidently got hung up on another job and ran out of day. Hopefully he'll be working on Sunday! We decided to fix dinner here, and pooled food resources to make chicken fajitas.

It turned out to be a good day, just not the one we'd planned. What is it I always say about plans made in jello -- it sure applied to us today.

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"his-self" said...

I've been following your travels intermittently for the past few months. I lived in Savannah during the 80's and early 90's.

You should try Mrs. Wilke's Boarding House for lunch some time. It was there WAY before Paula even thought of opening a restaurant. All dining is family style. It's an experience. If you want fine dining try Elizabeth's on 37th St.

I'm enjoying your comments on my old stomping grounds.