Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and The Day After

Our Thanksgiving day was spent quietly. We talked to family and friends by phone in the morning. Karon and I walked our Schnauzer Brigade around the park. I made a broccoli slaw and crustless pumpkin pie.

Jim heated the brisket, and around 2:30, Dan and Karon arrived with their contributions of potatoes and pea salad. We enjoyed our dinner, stopping to give thanks for all our blessings, especially being together with special friends.

Missing was that overstuffed feeling, thank goodness! Karon and I carefully managed our portions, and were able to enjoy snacks later on. That felt really good.

Today has been another quiet day. Karon and I made a trip into Belton to check mail, pick up a few groceries and check out a couple of rv parks. While we were gone, Jim got our laundry together and made his own trip into town to the local laundromat.

While we were out, Karon and I did some exploring. She took me to the little ghost town of The Grove, known as a "museum town":

The general store:
The well was drilled right in the middle of the main street - either that, or the street was built around the well:

Looking out from the inside of the well cover:

Post Office and another general store. The doctor's office was upstairs:

This afternoon, Karon came over and trimmed my hair for me. She has some training to do this, unlike me. She was very kind in telling me that I've done a good job of cutting my own hair, there wasn't much she had to "clean up"!

We've taken our Schnauzer Brigade out for several walks around the park.

We're covered from both directions with our guard dogs:

And that's about it for the day!

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