Monday, November 10, 2008

Goodbye to Savannah, Hello Tallahassee

Yesterday, we got these pictures of the dogs, behaving in their typical styles. Mr. BoJangles always smells something very important just out of reach of his leash!

And "princess" Jaz always prances wherever she goes!

We had a great travel day today. When we left the RV Park in Hardeeville, we did get behind a mower that was traveling down the highway at a breakneck speed of 23 miles per hour, but he eventually pulled over and let the 20 or so vehicles behind him get by. We'd gotten separated from Mark and Dortha during that time, but Mark slowed down to let us catch up and we continued on.

Another new state for us!

We stopped for diesel about 35 miles from Tallahassee at a Love's. I took cash in with me to pay, and was very surprised that our total due was less than $100! That's the first time since we've had The Castle that we've filled up for less than $100. We paid $2.899 per gallon cash price! We traveled just over 300 miles today and got 8.6 mpg.

We arrived at the Tallahassee RV Park and got set up. I called Pat McFall to see if they wanted to come for dinner, but it was a little late in the day for them to make the drive into town. They're staying about 20 or so miles out in the country.

Dortha and I took a walk around the RV park to get a few pictures. If it looks like the rigs are a little close together here, well, they are. It's a pretty park, but the sites are fairly close together.

This pretty garden area is by the office:
They have a clubhouse with window flower boxes:

Tucked way back in a corner of the park is another little garden area, this one with lots of whimsical characters and signs. The birds are made of PVC pipe that has been cut and painted:

I have no idea what this flower is, but it is beautiful!

When we got back from our walk, Jim said that Pat McFall called to say they were coming in to town tomorrow morning, and if we were not leaving too early, they would stop by. We need a new bottle of Dri-Wash, so she will deliver it to me! Now that's great customer service! It will be good to see them again, even if it's just for a quick visit.

We are expecting to be at Rainbow Plantation sometime tomorrow afternoon.


Mike McFall said...

Glad to see you made it to Tallahassee, our HOME TOWN. We retired from here in 1995 and been on the road ever since. we'll see you in the morning. Enjoy your Blog and keeping up with you.
Travel SAFE!!


Barb said...

Ellie - those flowers are beautiful. Could they be orchids? I noticed that Dortha also had a picture of them on her blog. :)

Barb (aka barbmoe)