Friday, January 2, 2009

A Really Good Day!

All of our days are good ones, but today definitely stands out as a Really Good Day. First, I'm so happy for my friend, Dortha, who completed her Weight Watchers maintenance, and received her "Lifetime Member" status this morning at our meeting. What that means is that she has reached her goal weight and maintained it for 6 weeks. Now she can attend Weight Watcher meetings for free, as long as she doesn't go more than 2 pounds above that goal weight. Congratulations on a fantastic accomplishment, Dortha! I still have a few pounds to go before I'm back to my "free" status, but I'm losing steadily and doing good on the program.

The next really good experience of the day was going up to the Winstar Casino with Dortha and Mark. We stopped at a Red Lobster for lunch and had delicious wood-grilled shrimp. I wanted to get a combination of the wood-grilled shrimp and scallops, but our waitress said they couldn't do that, something to do with the size of the scallops on that particular combination that prevents them from being wood-grilled. Anyway, the restaurant manager was making rounds of the tables as we were finishing up our meals and asked if everything was good. I explained I wasn't able to order what I wanted, and he apologized and gave me my lunch at no charge. Nice! That's good customer service! We experience that so seldom these days that it should be mentioned!

We continued on to the casino and found some penny and nickel machines to play. Our friend, Joe, (aka Speedy), explains that the Indians have found the perfect way to get back at the White man by building really bad roads to mess up our cars, and casinos that take our money. Well, today the Indians didn't do a good job of getting back at Jim and I - we both came out with more money that we went in with. That always makes a fun day a little bit more fun.

It was time to say good bye to the Winstar for this visit, so off we went. We left our car at Dortha and Mark's house, so we went by there to pick it up. While we were there, Dortha said we needed to go in the house to tell her daughter good bye. When we went in, there was a Christmas bag on the counter. She smiled real big and told us Merry Christmas. She's been telling us our present hadn't come yet, but it finally got here today. Inside the bag was the most special surprise -- she had put together a book of pictures taken on our travels together. It's all bound with hard covers and themed pages - I can't really describe it, so when we see you, please remind us to show it to you, it's just beautiful, and more special than anything I could have expected. What great friends, and we are so blessed to have met them! Thank you so much!

We decided we needed to have a little bite to eat before we finished our visiting, so we went to their favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant for a quick dinner. Delicious! We needed to get back home and take care of the furkids, so we said our "See-Ya's" to Dortha and Mark, we'll get together again later on this month in Rockport.

The dogs were happy to see us, and weren't sure whether they wanted to go outside or eat their dinner first! We got all of their needs taken care of and they are once again happy little dogs.

See -- I told you it's been a Really Good Day!

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Randy and Terry said...

Wow! That was a really good day!! And doesn't Dortha do beautiful work? So glad you all got to enjoy more time together.