Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Clean-up Day and We Take a Hike

As much as I’d love to just go on day trips every day, those household chores like laundry, house cleaning, and grocery shopping don’t get done by themselves.  So, yesterday was the designated day to stay home and do chores.  The Castle is clean, inside and out, both dogs got their showers, the pantry is full, and we can get back to the business of sightseeing.

When the jobs were finished yesterday, we did take a short drive along the southwestern park border as far as a place called “Goat Lick” where one is supposed to be able to observe mountain goats.  Someone forgot to let the goats know we were coming by, and they didn’t show up.  But we got to take some pictures of a beautiful mountain:

Glacier_Aug_09_Ellie 001This morning, Mark, Jim and I set out to see what we might find.  Dortha was feeling under the weather today and chose to stay home and rest.  We missed you, Dortha, hope you are feeling much better soon!

Here’s what Lake McDonald looks like under a clear blue sky:

Glacier_Ellie 002 

Mark and Jim took a moment to compare cameras and images:

Glacier_Ellie 008

We’ve been wanting to stop at the Trail of the Cedars every time we pass by.  Today was the day:

Glacier_Ellie 009

Hmm…how far is it?

Glacier_Ellie 010

This doesn’t look too hard:

Glacier_Jim 005 These are some tall trees!

Glacier_Ellie 057

They still like to play in the trees:

Glacier_Ellie 044

Avalanche Creek in the gorge.  There are some very interesting rocks here!

Glacier_Jim 025   The trail along Avalanche Creek:

Glacier_Ellie 034

A short rest stop:

Glacier_Jim 022 I wonder how old this tree was:   Glacier_Ellie 061We hiked about halfway to the lake before deciding to head back.  On the way home, we stopped by the West Glacier Restaurant for a bite of lunch. 

Our friends Janna and Mike are coming up from Big Timber on their first outing with their new-to-them motorhome and their little puppy, Emmi.  We wanted to check with them to see if they were going to make it today.  When Jim talked to Janna, she said they had started out this morning, but had a little problem with the motorhome, so they need to get that fixed and will try the trip tomorrow.  We sure hope you don’t have more trouble, guys, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!  Safe travels!


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

You sure are looking great, Ellie!

Speedy said...

If Jim likes to play in the trees...have him count the rings. That should keep him out of trouble for a while.