Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mark!

Today is a day we’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and especially every time we’ve been to a national park this summer! Mark has been wanting to get his “old guys” parks pass, and today was the day.  So, we wish him many wonderful visits in the future to all the beautiful national parks and other facilities this pass will get him into!  We are happy that we could share this fun day with you, and feel blessed to be able to travel and enjoy the beauty of this great country with you and Dortha.

Mark, in the visitor’s center of Olympic National Park, getting his America the Beautiful pass:

Jim 005

Now, on to the adventure of the day.  When we last posted, we were tucked away in a noisy parking lot next to I-5 in Tacoma.  We were up pretty early and got ready to head up to the Olympic Peninsula, and, hopefully, a space in the Escapees Evergreen Coho park in Chimacum.  The first thing that happened on the road was that the traffic separated us from our leader.  Good thing I had programmed our route and researched all the intricacies of I-5 and our turn-off, we really needed that navigation at rush hour this morning.  It took us about 45 miles to catch up with Mark and Dortha:

Ellie 017

But, that was the only glitch in our day, it just got better and better!  When we got to the park:

Ellie 104

we went in to the office and started the process of finding out if they had spaces for us for 2 or 3 weeks.  (A new person was working in the office, today was her first day on the job).  Yes, but only one was open at the moment, one of us would have to wait until later today when the current occupants left.  We got that part figured out and continued on with the check in.  When it came time to decide how long we were staying, the manager reminded the new person that we could only pay a week at a time.  Then, the manager asked if we might want to take one of the lease sites that are available for 30 days.  When we got into the details of the arrangement, we realized it is a pretty good deal - $275 for the month, plus electric, and we get 50 amp electric service along with our sewer and water.  Plus, we get a nice site with landscaping and plenty of space, as opposed to a gravel parking spot with 30 amp electric, water and sewer.   Well, duh.  So we signed up!  Even if we don’t stay a whole month, it’s well worth it.

We’re across the street from each other, and we are nestled in next to the rose garden:

Ellie 018

Ellie 033

Soon we had our basic set up done and were ready to head off to find some lunch and do a little exploring.  We had lunch at:

Ellie 038

– yes – a Mexican restaurant in Sequim (say Sqwim), and then headed over to Port Angeles to get Mark his parks pass.

Here are some pictures from our awesome drive up Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.  Just when you think this country can’t get any more awe-inspiring than the last place we saw, here’s what happens!

Ellie 059 Jim 015 Tomorrow, we are going on a really special adventure – wait till you find out what it is!


Janna and Mike said...

Gorgeous photos, Ellie. The Escapees park sounds like a great deal, we hope you guys have a ball while you are there.

squawmama said...

Hi Ellie... I am glad you’re having fun there in Washington... Like I said it is one of my favorite states... I just know you’re going to be blown away with the beauty of the area you’re in... If you get a chance go to the quaint town of Leavenworth... a cute German town! And don't forget to go to Port Townsend and visit the Fort Worden State Park.

There are so many things to see & do you will need 3-4 weeks there. I am a little envious ☺☺☺

Have Fun & Travel Safe

Speedy said...

I got the Access pass the other day. It was free and it has saved Sherri and I a ton of money camping. We love it and would not trade it for the world. We will be leaving out next year and that is where we will be staying every day between destinations. Got to love it.

Unknown said...

A friend of ours just emailed and recommended the Original Oyster House in Sequim - if it is still there. They ate there a few years ago and really enjoyed it. We finally got a reservation on the ferry from Keystone to Port Townsend for Aug. 31 so we'll be exploring the area then. Maybe we can connect. Lynda and Bob