Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jasmine Has a Birthday, and We Go Shopping

Happy 5th Birthday to our rescue-Schnauzer!  When we adopted our little angel, the Pikes Peak Humane Society had picked August 8 as her birthday.  Dortha gave her the pink pig she is jealously guarding in her crate.  She says, “Thank You” to Dortha!

Glacier Aug 09 Ellie 010The weather forecast called for rain today, and when we got up this morning, the skies were gray, so we decided to go with Plan B today, which was to go into Kalispell for some shopping.  By 10 a.m. we were all set for the 30-minute drive.

Our first stop was Best Buy:

Glacier Aug 09 Ellie 001Where we  all had something we wanted to look for.  This turned out to be another costly visit to Best Buy for us , because Jim has been wanting a new camera.  Our friend, Gordon, mentioned the Canon EOS 50D, and that is what Jim got today.  It came with a 28-135mm image stabilized lens, but he will be looking for a good deal on a 400mm lens before long.  We asked for a better price than the posted one and the sales person was able to take off $100 for us.  Also, since there is no sales tax in Montana, we feel that we paid a fair price, all things considered.

After that little stop, we were feeling a little shell-shocked, so we didn’t spend much after that.  We stopped in at Target, then at Bed, Bath and Beyond, a sporting goods store, and a quick look at Game Stop.  I’ve been hearing that there is a Country music version of Rock Band, and I wanted to see if it would be compatible with my Guitar Hero controller.  I was told at Game Stop that they are not compatible, so I guess I will just have to wait until the people who make Guitar Hero come up with a Country music version.

All that shopping gave  us an appetite, so we decided to take a lunch break:

Glacier Aug 09 Ellie 003 Lunch was delicious!

We were re-energized after a good meal, so we stopped at Costco and looked around there before heading back towards home.  On the way, we stopped at a fresh fruit and veggie market and picked up a few goodies.

Once we got home, we took a quick break, then we went back over to the little village of West Glacier to check out the souvenir shops:

Glacier Aug 09 Ellie 009 We also stopped in at the Canadian Visitor Center, where we learned that the world’s largest shopping mall is located in Edmonton, Alberta.  Hmmm….we may have to figure out a time we can make a trip up there!

Finally it was time to head back home for the evening. Oh, and the rain did not materialize all day – until late this evening.  This afternoon we even had some nice warm sunshine.

Since we missed going into the park today, I found a few more pictures from yesterday to share:

Glacier Day One Aug 09 Jim 008

Glacier Day One Aug 09 Jim 051

Glacier Day One Aug 09 Jim 046

Another awesome day!


Janna and Mike said...

Happy Birthday Jasamine from Emmi, Mike and Janna. See you guys Tuesday or Wednesday, we will let you know.

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Happy Birthday Jasmine!

And congratulations to Jim on your new toy!

Gordon said...

What!?! A 50D!?! And you believed me? Looking for a 400MM!?! Can't stand for me to keep ahead of you with the photo gear? :-)

Just joking, but seriously...Ellie, are you actually going to let Jim keep a camera that's better than yours?

You know, the Canon 5D Mark II is even better than Jim's 50D and I think you deserve to have one of those.


Yes and the mall in Edmonton has a waterpark, skating rink, rollercoaster ride and many more , bowling alley, casino shops galore too many ammenities to mention, plus a hotel. You really should come.

Barb said...

Happy birthday, Jasmine! Here's a head scritch for you! (Love the picture of her "guarding" her pink pig!!!)

We've been to that mall, Ellie. It is HUGE. You need a day to get around it all. LOL It is rather incredible.

Leno said...

Happy Birthday Jasmine!
I have been to that mall in Edmonton and it is huge.
Continue having fun.

Pat and Mike said...

Happy Birthday Jasmine...from MegaByte2. Beautiful country out there. Our trip had to be postponed this year. Maybe next year???
Hugs to all....Pat and Mike

JB said...

Now despite Mick's comment above, there are so many better reasons to come to Alberta than that mall. I mean how many hours do you want to spend wandering around shopping.

There is mountain scenery every bit as good and maybe more so than Glacier, the prairies are beautiful this time of year, and the foothills where I live give you mix of both.

Glacier is one of my favourite spots and the "Going to the Sun" road is a great drive early in the morning before the traffic builds with my little MGB sports car.