Monday, August 31, 2009

Slow Sunday

Ellie 024 Actually, it’s been a slow weekend.  Yesterday, our big accomplishment was to visit Deb and Rod in Port Angeles for a fabulous meal.  On the way over, we stopped at a small fresh-farm market called Sunny Farms.  It’s a place where they have some organics, great meat, fish and beautiful fresh produce.  We picked up corn on the cob for our dinner contribution, and Dortha got a few things to round out the menu.

We also made a stop at a winery and had a little tasting.  We used restraint in our purchases and only came away with 4 bottles.

Once again, it was a fun visit with good friends.

Today, Jim decided we needed to make more salsa, so we actually got out and went to the grocery store before noon.  Not far from here, in Port Hadlock, there’s a local grocery called QFC, which is associated with Krogers (we knew it as King Soopers back in Colorado).  Again, there were some wonderful fresh veggies for the salsa.  This batch turned out especially good, with a great balance of heat and flavor.  We ended up canning 13 pints.  Dortha is a big fan of Jim’s salsa, so I suspect this batch won’t last too long!

I also met with a woman who lives here in the park who is willing to walk the dogs a couple of times one day this week while we take a long day trip.  She has lived here for about 20 years, she came here with her husband when the park was brand new, so she knows all the history of the place.  What a sweet person, and so willing to help out.

Dortha made “ice box soup” for dinner, and it turned out delicious.  In case you’re not familiar with this dish, or call it something else, that’s what we make when it’s time to clean out the fridge of the recent leftovers.  Thanks, Dortha, great soup! 

I continued researching routes and parks on our upcoming travels.  We have a few reservations made, but still need to come to a decision on a few more.  Maybe tomorrow.

Since I did not take pictures yesterday or today, the ones I’m sharing are from recent days.

Crossing the street in downtown Port Townsend:

Jim 007 Another look at Cape Flattery:

Ellie 070_1 Tomorrow could be busier!


Speedy said...

I wonder if she would come over today and walk Kris?? Tomorrow Kris goes home...Have fun on your trip.

Janna and Mike said...

Glad you found someone to walk the dogs while you go to Victoria--that isn't to be missed--enjoy!

squawmama said...

How great that you found someone you can trust to walk your little furbabies. Sounds like you all are having such a great time and really embracing the area. Great photos especially the deer! Thanks for the wonderful post!

Have Fun & Travel Safe

Margie M. said...

Awwwww....Schnauzers. Don't ya just love them? We have one and she is wonderful. Glad you found a dog walker right in your park. Pt. Angeles is a great town to visit. The whole Olympic peninsula is fantastic. Have fun and

Travel safe,
Margie M. (a fellow fulltimer)