Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Travel Day – Coeur d’Alene to Tacoma

Our last day in Coeur d’Alene  started with some planning:

Jim 008 We had reservations for an RV Park in Port Angeles, but there is also an Escapees park at Chimicum, a small town about 50 miles from there.  Of course, they don’t take reservations, but we’d hoped they might have some sites available for us.  We called them and were told that yes, there were 3 sites available.  So, we decided to take a chance that there will still be at least 2 sites open when we get there and cancelled Elwah Dam. 

Some of the rest of the day was spent doing a little more exploring.  We went to the area called City Center,which is the “downtown” area next to the lake.

We walked around this boardwalk which is claimed to be the longest in the country:

Jim 011 They have a neat looking marina:

Jim 026 We had lunch and browsed some of the shops, and then visited the beach and park area and just watched all the fun goings on.  The weather was absolutely perfect with mostly sunny skies and no hint of rain for a change!

Even the geese were out enjoying the day:

Jim 006

Today turned into an interesting travel day!  We started off early, around 7:30.  Dortha and Mark took a turn at being the leader to the new state:

Ellie 010 Oh, looks like we got into Spokane at rush hour!  At least we could keep that other Phaeton in our sight!

Ellie 011Soon enough we left the city behind and found ourselves in rolling hills and farms.  Then we came across the Columbia River! We saw this bridge, but when the road curved to the right and Jim realized we were going over it, he balked a little, but did fine going across!

Ellie 023  Soon we got our first glimpse of Mt. Rainier!

Ellie 034_1We had already decided not to drive the entire trip today.  We’d planned to stop at a new casino that was supposed to have overnight parking for RV’s.  We got to Snoqualmie Casino around 12:30 and looked around the parking lot.  It’s a beautiful looking, huge new  casino, but they don’t have a clue about overnight parking for rv’s!  There were about 8 parking places for rv’s that are back-in and nowhere near long enough even for our rigs, even if we’d wanted to unhook the cars.  We pulled over into an area as far back as we could and assessed the situation.  A security truck came by within a couple of minutes to tell us we would have to park in the designated rv spots to spend the night.  We then decided to go on to Tacoma where we knew there was a casino with a large parking area for rv’s.

While we were having a sandwich and preparing to drive on to Tacoma, our chat-room friend, Phyllis stopped by to say hello.  She lives in this area and had planned to spend the afternoon at Snoqualmie Casino, and she found us in the parking lot.  Guess it’s hard to miss our 40’ rigs in that small parking lot!  Phyllis, it was great to meet you, sorry we couldn’t stay and play awhile!

We got back on the road and made our way to the Emerald Queen Casino, right off I-5 in Tacoma.  We parked the rigs and were on the way to the casino to let them know we planned to park overnight.  We found the security guy driving around, and talked to him, but he told us we should park in a different area.  One more move!

Finally, we got parked and went in to the casino for a little dinner and some penny slots.  Afterwards we came back to the motor home, got the dogs out for their walk and are now settled in for a noisy night next to the interstate!  But, we’re in Washington, and tomorrow we have less than 100 miles to travel.  It’s a good day.


squawmama said...

AHHHH Washington... My favorite state to visit... Can't wait to see pictures and hear more of what you see & do.

Have Fun & Travel Safe

Janna and Mike said...

Wish we were going with you guys, I am still working on Michael. Travel safe and I hope the Escapees park works out.

Speedy said...

Well I hope that you made off with some of their money! I have done real well here. I have eaten for half price everywhere and been playing on their money...so I guess all is well. This fits my budget and I still have some left for diesel....HE HE