Friday, August 22, 2008

Back on the Road

We got a late start today because we waited until the mail arrived at Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground. The office staff there was great, they were extremely patient with my unending checking the mail routine. The doctor's orders still didn't arrive, so we took off anyway, getting out on the road just a little after 11 am.

We taveled 260 miles and averaged 8.5 mpg. It was a pretty easy travel day, all 4 lane, restricted access roads. We didn't have any reservations at a campground, electing to stop when we got tired. Much of the way, we enjoyed deep woods. As we got further south, we started seeing more open space and farmland.

We finally stopped at the Eaton County Fairgrounds for the night. This must be Michigan's best kept secret campground! We're just off I-69 South, in the small town of Charlotte, south of Lansing. Besides the campground host, there is one other rig here. In the Michigan Campground Directory we picked up in Mackinaw City, it lists this campground as having 600 spaces. We had our pick of spots, but with all the trees around, not much chance to get a satellite signal. But we're only going to be here one night, so it doesn't matter. We did get some local stations on the tv. We paid $15, and we have water and 30 amp electric. Not a bad deal at all.
Here's a look around at the campground:
Way off in the distance, there is one small trailer:

We noticed the increase in heat and humidity right away:

A view of the Castle among some very tall trees:

After a nice dinner of chili dogs, we're settled in for a good night's rest before heading south again tomorrow.

Several people have commented on the rain gear we got for the dogs. No, we don't have matching ponchos for us, but that's not a bad idea. Actually, I'm probably the one who needs one, since I'm the chief dog-walker, rain or shine!


Joe and Sherri said...

Sherri is ready to head back up north now. After reading your journal notes she said we just had to go back and get some fudge. That will be the most expensive fudge I have ever bought. I do like the rain coats. Sherri use to make dog clothes...really doll clothes but some folks bought them for the dogs. Hey that was a big business at First Monday Trade Days.

Sherri and Joe

Mark and Dortha said...

Nice campground. Those are the kind you stay in for several days just to chill out with a good book.

Safe travels tomorrow.


JayD said...

New commenter. I have been lurking/reading for a few months. I just wanted to invite you to honk and wave as you go past exit 5 of I-69 (assuming you continue down to Indianapolis on it). At exit 5 you will be about 3 miles east of my house.