Thursday, August 14, 2008

Travel Day to Mackinaw City, MI

We had our usual routine preparation for travel day and got under way at 8:45 this morning. We traveled east on highway 2, which was a nice, 4-lane highway for a few miles before shrinking to a 2-lane road. The scenery was beautiful, with thick woods along both sides of the road.

We crossed into Eastern Daylight Time not long after we left, so we lost an hour today.

Finally we got close enough to Lake Michigan to get a picture. I liked the color contrast of this shot:

Another nice view with the puffy clouds building:

We got stopped for a construction zone and had to look at this scenery for 15 or 20 minutes while we waited:

We got sent on a detour on this road:

I got a lucky shot of this lighthouse as we went by:

Approaching Mackinaw Bridge:

Starting across the bridge, it is 4 miles across water:

Just passing through the first tower:

Almost through the second tower:

We found Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground, got checked in and got the map to our site. Since we've been having issues with our satellite and tv system, before we leveled and put the slides out, we made sure we could get satellite signals here, since we're in a heavily wooded area. We were able to get a good signal, so we completed our set up.
After a short rest, we had pork tenderloin sandwiches with leftover grilled tenderloin that Jim made us a couple of days ago. I took the dogs out to explore their new neighborhood. The campground is right on the shore of Lake Huron. We don't have a view of the lake from our site, but it's just a short walk to the shore.
We took a drive into Mackinaw City and looked around at all the touristy shops. Speedy and Dortha, you are right about the fudge shops! Every other shop is t-shirts, and the ones in between are fudge shops! What a dangerous place this is!
Jim's having trouble with his computer again. We left it with the Geek Squad in Rapid City and they worked on it for a few days before mailing it to us. Now it's doing the same thing it was before, he turns it on, it starts up ok, but then it just sits. He can move his pointer around, but when he tries to select an icon or open a program, the machine just sits there. He's very frustrated! We may make the 100 mile drive to Traverse City to Best Buy there to either have it completely rebuilt or buy a different one. Stay tuned!

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Phyllis said...

Hey girl - now you are in MY time zone. Should you get in to extreme right side of the country, I expect you to look us up. Come on - you really do plan on seeing Philadelphia and Atlantic City, right? I am half way bewteen the two!