Friday, August 29, 2008

Service Bays and Oops!

Let's do the Oops! first....I need to brush up on my geography! Yesterday I mistakenly identified Natchez as being in Louisiana instead of it's correct state of Mississippi. Thanks to those of you who sent corrections. Next time I'll get my magnifying glass out....

This morning started out pretty much the same as every day here, wake up early to the roar of engines as motor homes move from the campground over to their service bays. When you get your turn, you get assigned a service bay and it's crew, and for the most part, that's where you go every day until the work is finished. There are bays for electrical work, others for paint, but most of the others are general type of repairs.

I went off for my walk with the dogs. I've been trying to increase my distance and time, so I was gone quite a while. When I got back, instead of getting the day started with more coffee and conversation, I found Jim standing outside, all dressed, waiting for me. We've been called! We needed to head over to bay 41 to have our alignment checked out. So...we had to hustle to get things put away and slide in so we could head over there.

When we got there, a couple of guys came out, got in the motor home, and asked us some questions about the steering. Jim had on our list that the steering wheel wasn't quite straight when the wheels are. So, Curtis took us for a drive out on the highway. While we were on the road, we talked about a knocking that we occasionally hear under the driver's side front slide while we're going down the road. They think that might be the rollers. As we rode along, Curtis ascertained that we should have an alignment. Back at the service bay, he went to talk to his supervisor. He came back and said they would arrange for us to go to a shop about 45 miles from here.

At that point, Curtis was done with us, and we headed back to our site. We no sooner pulled in when someone else came to tell us we needed to be in Bay 2. So we went right over and pulled in. In a little while, Terry, "our" service guy, got us started on our list. We showed him the outside items and then came in and went over the inside items. As we discussed the needed repairs, Terry emphasized that we are welcome to hang around while they work on the coach. We are to ask any questions we want, to ensure we are satisfied with what they do.

One of the items on our list is a few places on the floor where the tiles are just slightly uneven, and a couple have tiny nicks in the corner or along a side. No problem, as long as they could make sure the replacement tiles match, they will replace them. They found the tiles, but before they started on the floor, they had us approve the match.

The window behind the couch on the passenger side was very hard to open, even after two dealerships tried to loosen it up. So, after Terry worked on it a little, he said they would just replace the window. They got started on the tiles, and got the window replaced today.

They stop work at 3:00, so they got us cleaned up and ready to go back to our site. We'll be back at Bay #2 by 7:00 (yes, that's A.M.) on Tuesday morning.

During the day, we split our time between the customer lounge and the rig. We were plugged in to power so we left the air conditioning on. We kept the dogs in their crates most of the day, except when we were out walking. Dogs are allowed in the customer lounge, but since Jazz and BJ think they should always be "top dogs", it's a better arrangement to leave them in their spots.

We have a 3 day weekend, so we'll probably do more of our catching up and hopefully some more sightseeing. I'll try to get pictures of the repair process next week.

It turned out to be a different day than we'd planned, but it was a pleasant surprise to get in and get started on the repairs.


Mark and Dortha said...

Glad to hear they are getting your palace fixed up. Sounds like they are really taking care of your list.

I hope it all goes smooth.


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

They seem to be very thorough, and even replacing the sticky window. Though probably it was just installed slightly out of square.

I guess you can't update your US map yet, as you didn't spend the night in MS ?
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Janna & Mike said...

All Schnauzers think they are "top dogs" don't they? We are so enjoying your tales of life in the Tiffin center. Janna

dreamjosie said...

Sounds like Phaeton is really doing things right. Must be a tough life lately though with having to pack up everyday and go to the service bays. But at least the Castle will be in tip-top shape.

Take care,