Saturday, August 2, 2008

Welcome and Fairmont Minnesota

Minnesota is known for lakes, about 10,000 of them. We've now seen 5, so I guess that leaves us 9,995 left to see. Fairmont, about 9 miles from Welcome, where we're staying, is known as the City of Lakes. Today, we explored the five lakes that are part of the City of Fairmont.

First is Amber Lake:

The much larger Hall Lake:

Lake Sisseton:

Budd Lake:
Finally, Lake George:
Driving around these lakes took us by some beautiful lakefront properties. This house really caught my eye, even though it isn't on a lake:

And, of course, the Martin County Courthouse. I have thing about courthouses. I like to take pictures of them, not spend time in them!

We also got the laundry done and shopped a little at the local mall.

I wish I'd been able to take a picture of the encounter between Mr. BoJangles and a local kitty who appears to live at this campground. While we were walking this morning, I spotted the kitty in a shady spot near the dumpster. I needed to dispose of a bag, so I went around the dumpster. As I rounded the corner of it with the dogs, the kitty and Mr. BoJangles surprised each other and they each jumped a couple of feet in the air. I think they were both embarrassed, as well!

Tomorrow is a travel day. We'll be just a little east of LaCrosse, Wisconsin for the next 2 days. On to more adventure!


Lee Ann said...

Hi Jim & Ellie,

We're having a great time watching you move on down the road. Beautiful lakes & Ellie, that house would have caught my eye as well! Beautiful. I have never seen Garmin's work, but it looks very interesting. We'll have to check him out in Colorado next year. We're having a BBQ tomorrow, wish you were here! But we'll see you again next year! Travel safe. Lee Ann & Larry

Kram-a-lot Inn said...

Miss you guys and miss being on the road. Looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful safe time.
Enjoy your travels and we hope to see ya down the road....SOON!
Ginger & Jesse

Joe and Sherri said...

Man that many lakes and I would wear my boat out taking in and out at each lake!!! Sure looks nice. I don't think I am using that counter...but if I am I am not having any trouble??

Joe and Sherri