Friday, August 8, 2008

Door County, Wisconsin to Iron Mountain, Michigan

We were packed up, hooked up, and on the road at 10:30 this morning. Before we took off, I got a picture of our camp site at Quietwoods South near Brussels, WI. The woods behind the Castle are full of campers tucked away in the shade.

I'm including a few pictures of some common sights we saw in Door County. There are many churches, and most of them have small cemetaries next to them.

I don't like this sign! I want to be far, far away when this warning is relevant!

A neat farm next to the shore of Green Bay:

A marina on Green Bay with a couple of miniature lighthouses:

Along Highway 141 north, this is our first glimpse of Michigan, on the other side of the Menominee River:

Crossing the Menominee:

And the sign welcoming us to Michigan.

We drove 135 miles today and got 8.6 mpg. We stopped for fuel and paid $4.499 per gallon.

We arrived at Summer Breeze Campground just outside Iron Mountain at 1:30. I will have pictures of the area in the next few days.

My new wireless adapter is working great. I couldn't even see a wirelesss network without it, but as soon as I plugged it in to the laptop and pointed it at the office, I was up and running. I can also get a signal with the air card, but the wireless is faster because the air card is in National Access - no Verizon broadband here.

While we’re here, in addition to exploring, I will be spending time at the local library and Dickinson Country courthouse, doing family research. My great grandparents lived in Iron Mountain for many years. My grandfather left the family and changed his last name when he was a young teenager, so I don’t know if he lived here or not. It should be an interesting search!


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Ha Ha, another light house nut ! I re-did the decor in my MH with drapes with lights houses on them, and got copies of the actual light houses to put on the walls.
Looks like you are in very pretty country, and I will be looking forward to more pictures.
I hope that you find out a lot about your ancesters while you are there.
Happy Trails, Penny

Lee Ann said...

Wow, looks like you are having a great trip! Loved the lighthouses & the pic of the rain on the road. I finally remembered Summer Breeze Campground Ellie, but we were just there the one night & never unhooked the 5'er from the truck. You are in a beautiful area for sure! Good luck on the family research. How interesting about your grandfather! Enjoy your week in Michigan. Hugs, Lee Ann & Larry