Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday in Iron Mountain, Michigan

Today has been a rare day - at least in comparison to the past few weeks. I didn't go anywhere but around the campground.

It was darn cool when we got up this morning! The coffee was especially good, and we weren't in a hurry to do much. Finally, Jim gathered the laundry and prepared to head off to the laundromat. The campground does have 2 washers and dryers, but we had 5 loads with towels and sheets, so he elected to go to town.

As soon as he left, I got busy and started cleaning the Castle. It's been awhile since I did a deep cleaning, and it sure needed it. I dusted and vacuumed and scrubbed until the place was shining. Jim got back just as I'd finished mopping the floors and was outside waiting for them to dry. This afternoon I got both dogs bathed, so we're pretty spiffed up now. We've spent the afternoon watching football and olympics.

We just heard that Wall Arch in Arches National Park has collapsed. Darn, we didn't make it out there to see it.

Since I didn't take any new pictures today, I'll post a few more from yesterday.

This is actually from one of the sites of a lighthouse in Door County:

The lake we were at yesterday:

Looks like fun!

The pathway right behind us in the campground:

What a great day!


Joe and Sherri said...

That was the arch that Howard said was expected to fall soon. I guess he got some of the last pictures of it??

Joe and Sherri

Mark and Dortha said...

Darn, we didn't get to see that arch either.