Sunday, August 24, 2008

We Meet Fay on the Road

Catching up with last night, here is the Indiana state welcome sign:

As we were relaxing last evening, Jim looked out his window and said, "There goes a guy riding an ice chest." Of course, my first thought was to take that can of beer away from him. But he kept insisting he saw a guy ride by our coach on an ice chest. I couldn't get a picture of the guy riding it, but here is the ice chest, it has wheels, a seat on top, handlebars, and a small engine in back. Pretty cool idea, huh?

I didn't sleep all that great, thinking about 2 more days on the road. I finally got up to look at the clock and it was 4 a.m. I thought that was still a little early, so I went back to bed, but still couldn't sleep. I finally got up and turned the coffee on a little before 5.

We talked about it and decided we might try to get to Red Bay today. We're both tired of traveling every day, so we figured we might as well finish it up today. That way we can settle in and sit still for awhile. Of course, we don't know how long we'll be in Red Bay, since we don't have an appointment and our repairs are not of an emergency nature. We just have to wait our turn.

As soon as it got light enough, which was about 7 a.m., we headed out. This is what the sun looked like as we headed south on I-65 towards Louisville.

Crossing the Ohio River into Kentucky:

Somewhere in Kentucky, we crossed back into Central Time.

Kentucky was beautiful, I definitely want to spend time there! Onward to Tennessee:

It was in Tennessee that we became acquainted with Fay. She couldn't slow us down, and didn't impress us as being much of a storm. We got enough rain to wash the bugs off the front of the Castle.

I missed getting a picture of the Alabama state welcome sign, the camera didn't want to cooperate.

But, here's the road to Red Bay:

We drove 425 miles today and got 9.1 mpg. We stopped at a Phillips 66 truck stop when we got off I-65 at Decatur, Alabama, and filled up with diesel for $4.19/gal. That's what the sign said, that's what the pump said, and that's what we were charged. And, I might add, the clerk in the store was very friendly and glad to have our business!

We got into the Allegro Campground in Red Bay around 2 p.m. after an 8 hour drive. We filled out the first paperwork, got our site assignment and instructions. Nancy and Joe are campground hosts who help get people checked in. We drove to our site and got hooked up. We filled out the rest of our paperwork and took it back up to the office. Then we found a local restaurant that was recommended by several people and had a nice meal.

Down the row:

Up the row:

And our favorite Phaeton:

The Allegro Campground is filled with Phaetons, Allegro Bays, Allegro Buses and a few other motor homes. We will find out more about our schedule when we get a visit from Norris, the service guy, sometime tomorrow.

But for tonight, I bet I'll sleep great!


Jim and Dee said...

That's quite a drive but know you're glad to be there. The little cooler is famous at the race tracks. It's very handy.

Sandra said...

You guys sure covered the miles today. I know how you feel about being on the road every day. Glad you're in one spot for a while so you can relax.

Joe and Sherri said...

I have never stayed in a million dollar camp ground. Looking up and down those isles I see lots of money honey. Hope you get everything done and enjoy your stay. Where do you go from here?

Joe and Sherri

FD5 said...

Glad to see you had a safe trip to Red Bay, enjoy your stay.

Stay Safe,
John and Bridget