Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Plans Made in Jello Sometimes Melt

One of my favorite sayings about what we're going to do is that our plans are made in Jello. And, as we all know, sometimes, Jello melts.

That is the case with our Jello plans today. I'm expecting lab orders from my doc. They didn't arrive today, so we've decided to stay here one more night. We'll plan (in Jello, of course) to leave Friday morning, providing I get the mail I'm expecting.
Yesterday while we were playing "Fudgie" in town, I saw some doggie rain coats in one of the shops. I wasn't sure if they would fit BoJangles and Jasmine, so I had the shopkeeper write down the measurements for the size they had in stock. I measured the dogs when I got home and decided the little coats would work, even though they may be a little large. This morning, I went back to the shop and bought the little pink and blue rain coats, so the furkids are ready for rainy weather!

Doesn't she look happy to be in this attractive garment?

It's hard to see his expression, but trust me, he's as happy as Jasmine!
I should explain "Fudgie" in case you haven't gone back to read comments on previous days' entries. Charles (Roz) left me a comment to tell me that tourists in this area are called Fudgies by the locals, because, I assume, that is what we buy! So, true to our nickname, I bought gift boxes of fudge today. Yes, Speedy, we did buy a little for us, but I've only had a few tastes of it. I'm saving most of it for friends!

We spent a lot of time spiffing up the Castle's exterior today, too. Our neighbors here are also Tiffin owners, with a 43' Allegro Bus. They've been to Red Bay, so they know the ropes there, and have been giving us a lot of information about how things work there. They were also outside working on their outside cleaning today, so we got a chance to visit quite a bit. We'll finish up our polishing in the morning and will probably take a drive to see a little more of this area before we leave Friday.

Another great day!


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

They look lovely in their raincoats, Ellie. Do they also have boots so that they can take them off at the door ?
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Mike McFall said...

Did they have Dri-wash? If not I'll bet yours looked better!!! Take care and keep havin fun!!!

Mike & Pat
PressurePro and DriWash........

Sandra said...

The doggies look soooo cute in their little raincoats!

Barb said...

Love the raincoats! Do they really like them?? Molly hated the sweater I made her wear when the weather was really cold. I can just imagine how she would have reacted to a raincoat! LOL

Janna & Mike said...

Poor dogs! Jazzy too has a bright yellow rain coat and hat but do you think she will do her business while wearing it--oh no!! She HATES it and just stands perfectly still when I put it on her--her expressions is identical to Mr. BoJangles!

Joe and Sherri said...

Did you and Jim get raincoats to match? The four of you would look good walking down the road. Send Pictures

Joe and Sherri

Karon said...

So Cute.....absolutely adorable!!! Hug the furbabies for me.

Love you, Karon

Mark and Dortha said...

Furbabies are so cute...I agree with Joe, you and Jim should have matching outfits. From the sounds of the weather they might need them sooner than later.