Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday in Mackinaw City, MI

It seems early when we wake up, but when I get up and look at the clock, it's nearly 8 a.m. This is Eastern Time! Whatever, it's just a number, like age. I don't really care what time it is most of the time. I spent too many years being controlled by clocks, so I just get up when I want to, eat when I'm hungry and go to bed when I get sleepy.

Anyway, we took our time with the coffee and dog walking routines this morning. Jim made the first move, he got the laundry together and ready to take into town. He left with the dirty clothes, the trash for the dumpster (there's only one location to dispose of trash here, way up at the office!) and a grocery list.

I had a project - I wanted to super-clean the tile floor. Since we've had the Castle, I've vacuumed and mopped, but I wanted to really scrub and get all the dirt out from around each tile. I had a little cup with a touch of bleach added to warm water and a 2" stiff brush. I scrubbed around each tile, then mopped. Finally, I remopped the whole floor. It took me the entire time Jim was gone, but I got it all done. This floor gleams now!

That pretty much wore me out, though, so after I heated up the remainder of our King Ranch Chicken Casserole that I'd frozen, and we ate lunch, that was the extent of my work day.

I took the dogs out for another walk, and came across a blue heron (I think it's juvenile). He was standing perfectly still across a little stream from our walking path. The dogs were pretty excited, but the heron didn't move. We watched it for close to a minute, then I brought the dogs back and got the camera. Jim went with me and we found it was still there, standing in the same spot. We were able to take a bunch of pictures, and it still didn't get spooked.

We left it to walk down to the lake shore and got a few more pictures.

Here's the bridge again, the water looked especially blue today:

Someone was flying this kite down the beach:

Uh-Oh, what's this! Jim, the ever-watchful, saw this little garter snake in the grass! To his credit, he didn't scream and start running, just stopped, took a picture, went around it and walked (yes, somewhat quickly) away. I think it's a pretty little snake!

We got back and settled in for some afternoon relaxing. We've had a breezy day, with clouds coming and going. A very nice day!

A gull, flying above our street in front of the Castle:

Tomorrow our plan is to take a day trip to Sault St. Marie to take a look around. Our time here is sure going by fast. I've already started researching our route to Red Bay!


Janna & Mike said...

I must agree with Jim, there is no such thing as "a pretty little snake!" I almost stepped on two of those "pretty little snakes" today and I screamed, especially when one tried to enter the house with me! Great bird photos, Ellie.


Sassy said...

Hey Ellie & Jim,
There used to be a place down by the locks in Sault St. Marie called The Antlers, if ya get a chance to stop and look for it I remember it being a neat place to eat with all kinds of quirky things hanging from the ceiling,a lot of local flavor there maybe it's still there, used to have these huge hambergers there, maybe ya could check it out.I'd love to know if it's still there, we used to eat there when we were stationed there at the Kinchelo Air Force Base!

Mark and Dortha said...

Ellie, not sure I like the comment about the tile cleaning. Is that what I have to look forward to? I know you are having fun. When are you planning to go to the island? I hope you don't miss the locks at Sault St. Marie. They were great.


Joe and Sherri said...

Yes the lockes are a must see. We were lucky and got to see a ship go thru while we were there. I have some pictures of it. Have fun and keep those photos coming. Sherri says she wishes she was there with you.

Joe and Sherri