Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun and Busy Days

We are enjoying sunshine and warm weather in Alabama. And, we're enjoying spending time with friends Carol and Steve. Yesterday morning I attended a Weight Watchers meeting. Yes, I lost a little bit. After the meeting I stopped at Walmart and picked up a few things before heading back to the Castle.

In the afternoon, we gathered some laundry, a chair we were giving Carol and Steve, and some special gifts for their very special grandchildren, and headed over to their house. We visited, I helped Steve groom their dog, and I played with 3 year old granddaughter, Sam, for hours. She and I put puzzles together, pushed each other on the swings, colored in her coloring book, and put more puzzles together. Steve makes a killer pasta sauce, which was the main feature for dinner, along with the pasta, and a salad. After dinner we changed into our swimming suits and got into their salt water hot tub for a great soak. Finally it was time to head home again.

Today, Carol picked us up for a day at the Riverchase Galleria, shopping. We did stop for lunch at the food court, but got right back to the shopping after lunch. While we were there, I made an appointment to get a pedicure next week. We're almost caught up with shopping, although I still have a few more stops to make.

Tomorrow we are going to a special coffee shop, then to lunch, and then for a walk. Sounds like another great day coming up!


Mark and Dortha said...

Slow down...the big city is making you crazy. LOL

Speedy said...

Good to see you having a good time. Missed the pictures...would like to see you coloring LOL

Joe and Sherri