Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rainy Day in Alabama

Although the weather predictions were dire, and even the local schools let out early in anticipation of severe storms, Red Bay, Alabama, seems to have escaped the worst of the storms, at least so far. We had a little wind and lot of rain this afternoon, but a while ago, the clouds broke up and the sun peeped through.

Yesterday morning we were assigned to Bay 25, the countertop and wood shop area. We've had issues with our kitchen counter and the cupboard under the sink since day one. The problems didn't seem all that major to us, but after several attempts at repair, we ended up with more problems than we started with. We started with a cook-top cover that rattled. It was replaced by the dealership where we purchased the Castle with another topper that also rattled. Another dealership worked on it but didn't fix it. The Tiffin folks worked on it last summer and fixed that problem, but worsened the problem of the counter not being level. But once TJ, the countertop expert got through with it, not only does the topper not rattle, but we now have a level countertop.
This is how the work in progress looked. The tile backsplash had to be removed, and the areas under the counter had to be accessible.

They finished the major part of the countertop yesterday afternoon. This morning, we again reported to Bay 25 for the last of the countertop work.
Once that was finished, the wood folks came in. In 30 seconds, the cupboard door under the sink was level. That's another thing that we've had at least 3 people attempt to fix over the last year. I'm glad to have that one done! The few remaining things were taken care of and we were sent on our way before lunch.
The last items on our list are all paint issues. When we first arrived here, the paint shop was actually caught up - no waiting. Of course, in the meantime, about 15 rigs have been placed on the list. So, it may be a few days yet before the paint shop calls us in. that's ok with us, it's still a little early to show up in Colorado.
We're happy to relax for a couple of days and get caught up with grocery shopping, cooking, and, did I say relaxing?


Mark and Dortha said...

Wow, all this remodeling is making me tired. I am so glad to know that the kitchen is perfect.


Speedy said...

Sherri says...she could not relax if her kitchen looked like that! Wow that is a major repair.

Joe and Sherri